Friday, October 28, 2005

The Shaft

Last Saturday I flipped thru the channels and found this great movie! It's called "The Shaft"! You probably guessed it, it's about an elevator and an elevator shaft, but that's not just any ordinary elevator that moves up and down, this one kills people because it's POSSESSED by some EVIL force! A force we later find to be the doings of a MAD scientist.

You have to be on some kind of drugs to come up with this shit. Honestly, it's about an ELEVATOR that KILLS people. Why is Naomi Watts in this crap? Four guys (because no one brain could have come up with something this bad) must have been lounging around smoking the pot and going "'s about an elevator...No dude, we need something else, that's enough....oh my God dude, how bout an elevator that takes people to random points in their lives...duuuuude no, that's ghey, we should make an elevator that kills people, and the movie will have horrible dialogue and atrocious acting!"

Yeah. Don't see it.

The Shaft

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