Warren Buffet speaks out

Hey Oliver reads fortune, and found something pretty neat...

On the idea of a flat tax
I wouldn’t support it. We have, in my view, a taxation system that’s much too flat already. If you look at the payroll tax—which is over 12% now, and that applies on the first $80,000 or $90,000 of income—Bill and I pay practically none of that in relation to our income. For the people that work for us, their tax rate in many cases is the same or even higher than my own, since the rate on capital gains and dividends was cut to 15%. What has gone on in this country in recent years is a huge benefit to the very rich and not that much relief to people down below. Frankly, I think that Bill and I should have a higher tax rate on the income we get. We pay less than half the rate that I was paying 25 years ago when I was making a lot less money. They have really taken care of the rich.

Warren Buffett is the second richest man in America the universe and has just stated that he thinks he the wealthiest %3 ought to be taxed more. Just wanted to further clarify that.


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