This weekend!

Superbowl! Steelers vs Seahawks! Hotttttttttttttt! Not. :(

Anyway, the real event on Sunday is that 7 Days Torn will be on 98 Rock's (97.9 fm baltimore) Noise in the Basement show, so tune in, and listen to their music. If you know them already, then you better call in and request a song! Just call 1-800-767- 1098 and request either 'Pressure", "Bound", or "Useless" by 7 days torn.

Then the next day, Monday, 7 days torn will be at Fletchers for the other half of Noise in the Basement, the LIVE concert half. Those of you in Baltimore need to show up for this. :)

This Friday I will be at Club Orpheus in Baltimore for Kele De's birthday bash thingamabobber.

peace out homies


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