"Fucking insane."

What was insane? Last night at The Ottobar. The first act was the human beat box, Shodakeh. The second act was this crazy dude with a mic and a strobe light-- Dan Deacon, I can't even describe it. But then the third act, Peelander-Z, a "Japanese Action Comic Punk" band from NYC, rocked the fucking house. The audience and the band were completely one at certain times. They'd have people come up on-stage, sometimes giving them little instruments, and once they let three people take over the bass, electric, and drums. The band would come into the pit and play bowling with real pins and a band member. Honestly, I have never seen an act like Peelander-Z before! They're amazing.

Next up: Grand Buffet

Headlining and the reason I went was to see Grand Buffet, a hip-hop/punk duo from Pittsburgh, PA. They're about to be off the charts, and if you haven't heard of them yet, you're going to soon! Well, I just told you, but besides that. So check em out. Go to their website and download some of their mp3's, it's free. Here's one: Candy Bars. It was such an esoteric night.

Here's a quote from one of the Grand Buffet songs last night:
"We think abortion is pretty messed up, if you don't want a kid, then don't be a slut."


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