Laughing Out Loud!

Who actually does laugh out loud when they type "LOL"? Who actually says "Laughing out loud" or even "Lots of laugh" in real life? This needs to be changed, because they really mean "Hey, I thought that was mildly amusing, keep it up, send me more amusing anecdotes!"

And for that matter, if you think you change it by just typing "haha", how does that work? Did you really laugh? So even you think you thought it was mildly amusing and that you wanted them to keep sending you amusing anecdotes. Don't lie.

Can we just make it an effort, and I mean it this time, to only say "LOL" or "haha" if we actually laugh, and "LMAO" if we actually laugh our ass off, or "LMFAO" if we actually laugh our motherfucking ass off?

If we don't really do any of the above, let's just say "MA" or "MAA" if you wanted to throw in anecdotes to the abbreviation. This might just work. It may just change the size, shape, smell, and texture of the Internetwork.


  1. Haha, well I say "LOL" orally in real life, cause I like to make fun of people who use those juvenile acronyms. I recommend using a series of "ha"s to express the level of intensity of one's laugher. Examples:

  2. Yeah the series of "Ha"s works, but only if you're actually laughing... if someone says something you think is funny, but you don't laugh, then just say something like "that's mildly amusing!!!"


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