Wednesday, March 22, 2006

LiveJournals suck.

The other reason why I switched from Movable Type to Wordpress* is because of those goons at Six Apart had to go and assimilate the crappity crap of crapola that is LiveJournal, which means they bought them out.

The only thing good about LiveJournal is that I can go to the movies just to get that delicious popcorn and then come home and be entertained for a few minutes which seem like hours because the snooze button on the LiveJournal time clock broke.

Then I move on to the next best thing: MySpace and wonder how in the hell 16 year old girls have 35 thousand friends. Look folks, if you have that many friends ON THE INTERNET then chances are, you have 0 friends that you can actually talk to face to face. It's just called logic: Spend an ass amount of time trying to get 35,000 people to add you on MySpace = Less time for you talk to real people face to face. Twirl on that for awhile.

To sum up LiveJournal, it is nothing but drama, and when it is not drama, it is nothing.

* The other reason I switched to Wordpress is because it's better, you dingleberry.

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