Saturday, April 29, 2006

It's 4AM and I just got home.

The All Mighty Senators show was kickass. They played from 11pm to 12:45am, and I know it's too late for math, but that's nearly 2 hours. If you haven't heard them, their tempo is super fast, complete with a trumpet and a trombone (in addition to the guitars and drums). The lead singer is the drummer, with the drum set at the front of the stage, it's really awesome. As soon as their set was over though, I high-tailed it to Canton or wherever the fuck it is, to 7 Days Torn's studio and hung out with Mykal & Anthony, who were already chillin' with Lily & Liz since they went to their show at the 8 X 10... freakin' awesome night. But I need to wake up at 7. Not smart, James, but who gives a fuck?

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