Little Miss Sunshine

Still working at The Mobile Solution, and still meeting more new people everyday than somebody with Alzheimer's... but yeah, things are good. I have more money now. Would like to have even more money, but I don't work in White Marsh. Meh.

I saw Little Miss Sunshine last night. Fuckin' hysterical. Especially when the door falls off the VW Bus. I didn't ruin it, you had to be there.

My Redskins are 0-2... what in the flaming fuck happened? We have so much talent, so I'm confused. I watched both games, but now I won't be able to watch any, because they all start at 1pm or 4pm. But I will be able to watch the last game of the season against the Giants... hopefully things are better the next time I get to watch them.

My car needs oil. May try to do it myself.

Gotta go, keep on doin what you're doin and quit being anal buccaneers.


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