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happy new year

just wishing u all a happy new year. This message sent from my vzw blackberry

Nickelback Sucks

Have you ever noticed that every single one of their songs sounds exactly the same? I heard 'Gotta be Somebody' on XM 22 just now and apparently it is one of their new songs but I swear it sounds like something from their first album. Fuck Chad Kroeger. No wonder clubs make him stand in line like everybody else.

Ugly as fuck

I met this girl at The Greene Turtle last night and she was ugly as fuck. Like I swear I thought she was a man.

Sick and tired

I don't know about you, but I'm pissed everybody has stopped complaining about gas prices. They are still too high!  They think they can raise prices to an obscene amount for years, then drop them really fast in the span of 6 months and people will be all fantabulous and giddy. Fuck that. Gas prices are still too high. Stop trying to pretend like you don't remember when it was 99 cents per gallon. It's a $1.67/gallon here and it's still way too much!


I have the best girlfriend ever.

Ooooh Waffles!

Okay enough political bloggings. It's getting old fast. Let's just build a city instead. I already took the liberty and built it. Every visit to the page will make the population grow faster! Yes, I'm that bored. Wait a minute, these aren't waffles. These are just square pancakes.

President-Elect Obama

Doesn't it sound awesome?

Maryland's Results



I know who I am voting for.

Take a wild guess.

Lollipop by Framing Hanley

Get out and vote

Boheman Rhapsody

Sarah Palin: Astronaut


How many emo kids does it take to change a lightbulb?

Fuck 'em, they can cry in the dark.

Verizon officially debuts RIM BlackBerry Storm

Research In Motion and Verizon Wireless officially announce the first touch-screen BlackBerry, the Storm. A specific release date and pricing were not announced, but Verizon said the Storm would be out by the holiday season with "competitive" pricing. read more | digg story

McCain Didn't Think Osama Bin Laden Was A Bad Guy In 1998!!

Entry showing that John McCain questioned whether Osama bin Laden was a bad guy in September 1998, right after the August 7th, 1998 bombings of the U.S. embassies in Africa by Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda. read more | digg story

A Duck Tales Lesson on Inflation

Everybody needs to watch this.

My thoughts on the $700 billion bailouts.

What. The. FUCK?! Since when is it the american tax payer's responsibility to bail out the stupid decisions of a PRIVATE corporation? Those banks didn't ask me if there customer should get that loan or that mortgage, so why do I have to pay? And I will. And my children, and my grandchildren, if the Bush Company actually shell out 700 billion. McCain wants to increase it to 1.2 TRILLION. That's 1,200 billion, if you are mathmatically challenged like me. That's bullshit. If McCain is elected this country will be unrecognizeable. Bush has destroyed the constitution. McCain will be more of the same. And don't be fooled by Sarah Palin. She doesn't even know what the vice president does! She said it herself. Okay enough of that. Fuck the bailouts. Call it business darwinism. Make a stupid mistake, extend too much credit, then you go out of business. Take some personal responsiblity for your own companies failed policies.

An update I suppose.

Okay, so I guess I should update you on my life...I've been the manager of my own verizon store since March of this year. And just a month ago, I found the most awesome woman ever. So yeah. But I have loads of credit card debt. But so does the whole country. So who gives a rats ass. I still need to buy a new couch. Plus I really want a Voyager.

When did Bush and McCain turn socialist?

What the hell is wrong with this country? Why must this country bail out failed companies. Those companies failed due to POOR BUSINESS PRACTICES. Let capitalism rule and let these companies tank. This is bullshit. We're officially a socialist country now. Thanks Bush. It's funny, the country won't bailout a homeowner who defaults on a shaddy home loan, but when corporations are at stake, we'll just throw money at those corporations like their fucking strippers at the Hustler club. This country is fucking socialist. Fuck the bailouts.

Sarah Palin wants to succeed from the Union

She actively supported Alaskan efforts to succeed from the Union. If you don't understand those words, she basically helped Alaska try to become it's own country. So we have someone running to be a Vice President of the USA, who really did not want to be a part of the USA. Don't believe me? Watch this video, and listen to her own words.

Reese Witherspoon


Second Installment of Gates And Seinfield Saga

Here is the second commercial with Seinfeld and Gates, although I still can't really grasp what product they are selling. But it's funny! read more | digg story

Palin Foreign Policy: War with Russia

NEWSLASH: Bimbo Palin wants war with Russia. read more | digg story

The Sarah Palin Chronicals: Sexy Bimbo Dolls

Just to prove that she is really just a stupid bimbo woman, she has now has a sexy doll . This is potentially your Vice President, America. Wake the fuck up, don't elect this bimbo.

New master switch found in brain that regulates appetite

Body weight and fertility have long known to be related to each other women who are too thin, for example, can have trouble becoming pregnant. Now, a master switch has been found in the brain of mice that controls both, and researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies say it may work the same way in humans. read more | digg story

Buy some land...

Casting Mike Tyson's Punch Out

Ever wondered who would play the roles in a movie version of the video game Mike Tyson's Punch Out? read more | digg story

What's wrong this again?

Everybody keeps telling me that Russia invaded Georgia and how wrong it is that they did that. What's the big deal? They only invaded a sovereign nation with hopes of being an occupying force..didn't the USA do this with Iraq. What's the matter here? We sure set a good example for Russia to follow. I wonder if Putin or Bush actually wrote down some blueprints for other countries to follow down this road... I'm sure they would be most appreciated.


This really works. Login to your gmail account and search for "MSNBC" in your spam folder. My favorites: "Madonna's former home destroyed by Jesus!" "John McCain eats a bug!" "One hot white chick injured in Tsunami disaster!" This is gold. Spam doesn't always suck. read more | digg story

Bush pastor RIPS McCain over Sturgis, backs Obama

The pastor that presided over Jenna Bush's wedding and is considered a close confidant of the president absolutely hammers John McCain on family values. read more | digg story

I can ride my bike with no handlebars

Ikea to start selling solar panels!

That's right, IKEA is going to go Solar! Have fun putting it together. Party at my place afterward. Bring the left over screws. read more | digg story

Sorry we're closed...


Sweet Baby Jesus & The Orphans


Women of MySpace!!


This is some trippy shit

A nightmarish (yet fascinating) drawing, titled " The Way of the Sheep ", by German art student Markus Neidel. read more | digg story

Don't give your password out unless it looks like *******

Let's laugh at retards for a moment... read more | digg story

Topic of the next three years:

Baba ghanoush

7 Dizzying Cliff and Mountain Houses and Dwellings [PICS]

Hey, I'm back! Check out these neat pictures of these houses! Wow! OMG this is amazing. I am awesome. Hey what's up? read more | digg story


I guess he feels guilty and scared about the acts of atrocity he has committed... I mean, seriously, if what he did was right and just, why the need to pardon yourself? read more | digg story

2 Girls 1 Cup: Stewie Griffin's reaction

Watch what happens when Stewie Griffin watch's "2 Girls 1 Cup".... instant classic read more | digg story

Happy Birthday Me

I'm 28 now.

The more you play with it, the harder it gets


Keep track of your dog with your bluetooth

What you need: Bluetooth capable verizon phone w/ chaperone Arm pouch case Stereo bluetooth headset Activate the bluetooth on the cell phone, and secure it in the arm pouch case and attach the case to your dog's leg. Then activate the bluetooth headset, turn on auto answer, and secure to your dog's head. Call your friendly neighborhood verizon wireless store and activate chaperone. Now whenever you call your dog, the headset will automatically answer the call, and with chaperone, you'll always know where your dog is, and never lose your dog. The first to put this to work gets a free pizza.

McCain: I talked with Putin, Germany's president.

Wow. And this guy wants to be President.


History in the making. I love my country. Barack Obama for President.

Three Women With Sand in Their Vaginas

The first one is Harriet Christian from Manhattan. You don't see it, but she's actually waving around a bottle of Scotch. Now here's a blonde from Florida who's clearly laid out in the sun too damn long: And finally, here's a California "democrat" who flew to Florida to showcase her excellent selection of lapel pins.

She has some nerve...

How the hell did I get on Hillary Clinton's email list? This is a sick, sick, joke if anybody did this.

2012: The Year The Internet Ends

We need to stop this before it even gets started. Apparently all the ISPs are illegally colluding with each other to put an end to net-neutrality in 4 years. This is illegal and they must be stopped. read more | digg story

Back with Verizon

I finally left T-Mobile. I now have a Verizon employee plan. It's sweet. You have no idea.

This lady needs to be shot

This stupid bitch (her name is Liz Trotter) goes on tv and tries to speak her mind, but then goes on an encourages a violent act on Barack Obama? She is not allowed to say that. That's not part of freedom of speech. Something should happen to her, just to see how she likes it. Watch the video first.

Obama leads McCain in latest poll

Ready for change, anybody? WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democrat Barack Obama has opened an 8-point national lead on Republican John McCain as the U.S. presidential rivals turn their focus to a general election race, according to a Reuters/Zogby poll released on Wednesday. Obama, who was tied with McCain in a hypothetical head-to-head match up last month, moved to a 48 percent to 40 percent lead over the Arizona senator in May as he took command of his gruelling Democratic presidential duel with rival Hillary Clinton. Read on! John McClain's goin' down.

What's the matter, Sweetie?

What is all the uproar over the word "Sweetie"? Seriously, why did Barack Obama have to apologize for using that word? It's not a bad word. It's actually a compliment. In case you missed the moment, watch it on YouTube: 'Sweetie' is not a bad word. It's a freakin' compliment.

Huckabee "jokes" to NRA about assassinating Obama

This isn't even funny. McCain/Huckabee '08! read more | digg story

Clinton supporters voting for McCain

This has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard. You say you want change in the white house, but because your candidate does not get the nomination you say "TO HELL WITH CHANGE, 4 MORE YEARS OF BUSH POLICIES!!" Any democrat that votes for John McCain in the general election might as well officially switch their party to republican. That's fucking despicable.

Oops! My bad!

7.8 earthquake in China. But why is this article originating from San Francisco? Jesus that city is a whore for earthquakes. Okay we get it. We know you've had earthquakes. It's not you this time. Not everything is about you. Anyhoo, how's the weather out there Ollie?

It always amazes me.

Why do people always buy phones that they have no understanding of? People who buy PDAs and don't understand everything it can do are poser fucks. Another baffleing question I always have to answer... why is a data plan required to use a blackberry on verizon? Because it's cheaper that way. If you use the phone the way it's designed, and you pay per use, you'll pay out the ass in overage fees. It's for your protection, now get back in line, fucker! If you just want a calendar, get a fucking enV.

Banned! Musical Instrument "causes insanity"

Benjamin Franklin invented an instrument that causes insanity, well 18th century insanity. I'm sure insanity standards have changed since then. There's a video too, go watch it. I don't wanna put it here, because I just don't wanna. read more | digg story

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I'm not mexican, but today is a day to celebrate! Well it may be just another day to drink, but you have to wonder... If Mexico did not defeat the French in the battle of puebla , the French could have ruled Mexico, given aid to the confederate army, which in turn could have altered the course of our civil war, which was happening at the same time... so never forget the battle of puebla, and if your lawn is getting mowed today, go outside and offer them a coke. Maybe this is just another excuse for Bozzy to party.

I donated to Microsoft!

Yes, yes I finally bought an XBOX 360. And I got 13 months of XBOX LIVE.

John McPain admits US invaded Iraq for oil

“I will have an energy policy which will eliminate our dependence on oil from Middle East that will then prevent us from having ever to send our young men and women into conflict again in the middle east.” read more | digg story

Clinton Advisor: Indianans "Shit", "Worthless White Niggers"

A Clinton campaign calls Indianans "shit" and "worthless white niggers" read more | digg story

Howard Dean: Obama Or Clinton Must Drop Out In June

Now do what the Doctor ordered... read more | digg story

Hillary Clinton gained only one delegate in the PA primary

She can't fucking win. She has no chance. She's a bitch. Drop the fuck out. read more | digg story

Wake up and smell the bullshit

The republicans and most importantly John McCain want to help Hillary Clinton attack Obama, because they would love to face to Hillary in November! What--and I really mean who-- is the one thing that unites all republicans! Why that's the Clintons! Wake up you fucking idiots. Fuck you PA. And to those whiny fucks in Michigan and Florida? You had your chance. You knew the rules. You broke those rules. Shut the fuck up. You guys caused your votes to not be counted. Fuck off.

25% of PA residents are racist fucks

About one in five Pennsylvania voters said the race of the candidates was among the top factors in deciding how to vote, according to exit polls, and white voters who cited race supported Clinton over Obama by a 3-to-1 margin. READ MORE OF THIS SHIT

Sweet! I got subpoenaed!

So if I failed to tell you, a few weeks ago they caught the fools who robbed burgled my store. Two 16 year olds. They got caught because they are stupid and broke into a Koons dealership and drove a car thru the glass window and thus taking it. Well, that got them caught. And they had the phones in the car. Fucking idiots. So I have to go to the arraignment for them. But did they make it easy for me...noooooooooooo! I have to go on May 6th and May 13th because they have to have separate arraignments. Stupid fair trial bullshit.

South Park lost it's Internet

This is great.

Hey, this is gonna sound awkward, but...

I've been asked by my good friend, Sen. John McCain, to help him find something. Now, now, don't jump to any conclusions. He's just lost the TV remote. I've gotta go find it. Stay white here, be right black.

Hillary has just said "Don't vote for me"

You saw it here first. Hillary Clinton has just formally announced that she does not want anybody to vote for her. She understands that the nature of politics is for people to get out the vote, attend caucuses, but she has come to realization that this philosophy just isn't for her. Let's sum it up again. Hillary Clinton: I don't want you to vote for me . Watch now:

What 8 Years of Bush and Cheney Have Done to the U.S Economy

This should be the only time that Bush and responsible spending should be used in the same sentence. He runs for President saying he's gonna decrease the size of our government, and thus, cut taxes. Okay, well he cut taxes. But he increased the spending. Spending money we don't have. Go take a basic budgeting class, Mr. President. read more | digg story

400 children removed from polygamist compound

Stupid mormon cults. read more | digg story

Kids' Book About Tummy Tucks, Nose Jobs

If you're a mother and thinking about plastic surgery, pick up this book, it'll help you tell your child what to think! read more | digg story

Imelda May

I think I've found a new obession and it's the Dublin-born Imelda May. I just can't get enough of her style. It's so fresh, yet at the same, so retro. You could say that she's the 21st Century's Billie Holliday. Check out her MySpace and listen to her tunes .

Dinosaur Rap

I just feeling about rapping about dinosaurs...

Memo Signed By Bush, AUTHORIZING TORTURE, Surfaces

Wow. I am ashamed of my country. This is fucking disgusting. read more | digg story

Make your own McCain logo

Go ahead and get creative. Post your creation in the comments.

15-Year-Old McDonald's Fry Sold on EBay

God damn pack-rats! You guys will kill us all. read more | digg story

The Troops Support Obama

As if it comes to a big surprise the troops prefer Barack Obama as the next President of the United States of America. read more | digg story

Documents prove FBI spying tracks emails, cell phones, IMs

Don't you love the republican party of small government? The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been routinely monitoring the e-mails, instant messages and cell phone calls of suspects across the United States -- and has done so, in many cases, without the approval of a court. The FBI has also been spying for the Pentagon on American soil. read more | digg story

Will Ferrell's racist movie

Casting has begun for Will Ferrell's new movie, and they only want white males ! We Want YOU in a Major Motion Picture! on

The dreaded "Friend Zone"

Why in the hell do you choose to be with guys who you hate when all you wind up doing is spending time with your best friend, whom you consider "like a brother" and whom you "can tell him anything"? Why don't you just be with that friend? I really don't give a shit about stupid relationship with your borderline abusive boyfriend and why the hell would I want to be your friend if I am stuck in The Friend Zone and have no chance of getting laid? Women are fucking stupid. When I guy meets a girl, he wants to be friends with her, then fuck her... but with women, as soon as you become a friend, you are a just a friend, and then she goes out and grabs any random guy to fuck.

Did you know it's illegal to say?

It's not capitalism, it's corporatism.

It's not capitalism when companies make bonehead moves and then the Fed comes in and bails them out. That's corporatism.

Why do people steal?

I came into work today to find that my store had been broken into for the second time in 3 months. Why? Let's excuse the obvious fact that it's pointless to steal a CDMA phone, since all I have to do is report it stolen and it's just a fancy paperweight.. but why do people steal? Can't people just get a fucking job and go out and buy what they want. Fucking crackhead hood rats. Don't give me this shit how society is against them, that they need to do this to feed themselves or their welfare children. That's bullshit. Get a fucking job.

President Bush Booed.


Obama has 10-point lead over Clinton -- largest this year

Latest Gallop poll: Obama 52% - Hillary 42% It's over. read more | digg story

Mr. T brought boy out of coma

"Former The A-Team star Mr. T once stunned a sick child's family by bringing him out of a coma - after doctors begged the actor for help." Not sure what prompted doctors to beg Mr. T, but I guess he pitted the fool out of the coma. read more | digg story

Who To Vote For... Obama Cousin To Pitt; Clinton To Jolie

Obama is related to several US Presidents, and can also throw in VP Dick Cheney and General Robert E. Lee. Sweet Jesus. read more | digg story

Chuck Hagel: Obama Can Unite Us!

Sen. Chuck Hagel (R) has all but endorsed Obama. Saying he's the only candidate to unite the country. He will probably wind up endorsing Obama, and join the other republicans who have done so, because as Barack has said, there's no red states, blue states, it's the United States of America. read more | digg story

Obama Posts All Tax Returns on the Internet.

Obama has just sent a clear message to Hillary. read more | digg story

Links for Today

We all know a few sites that are meaningless, , , and of course this site... but here's a few more... All these links are safe for work. - Yes, you guessed it, it's just pictures of things that might go quack. - A movie wasn't enough, now there is a website about purple. - If you forget if it's Tuesday or not. I'm gonna check back tomorrow to see if it says "Yes". - a stupid button game. - Your guess is as good as mine. and lastly, my favorite of the bunch: -- Go ahead, try to get him to sit.

The US is Choking on Debt

There is a marked difference between economic growth and debt-induced demand. Instead of letting the market take its medicine and enter recession in 2001, the powers that be injected fiscal and monetary drugs to dull the pain and induce stock gains. Yeah, and I say... so what? We're still alive and kicking. That's all that matters. Money isn't important. Who gives a shit about debt. read more | digg story But check out this chart. The national debt has risen under republican presidents, not democratic presidents....not like it matters much. national debt Now tell me why democrats are bigger spenders than republicans? Just for the sake of argument...

It's okay to lie.

If it's your resume . Sweet! Thanks, CNN.

Your Easter Moment of Zen

The owner of some blog got a PowerBook and an XBox stolen by some redbeck kid... so what's a guy to do when the police don't do anything? Post all the information you can on the punk kid that robbed you. Phone numbers, pictures, post the URL to his myspace, etc. So here is your Easter 2008 Moment of Zen... idiot.mp3 Here's more info if you are curious...

Crazy Ron Paul

Watch this hilarious video.

Rev. Wright: White House Guest of Clinton

Barack Obama is guilty by association because he knows Rev. Wright (who I just proved isn't even racist)? Rev. Wright was invited to the White House by Bill Clinton, and yes, Hillary was there too. So Hillary is in no higher position than Barack. BUT WAIT! There's more! John McCain has associated with Rev. Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, John Hagge, the list goes on. So nobody has room to fucking brag. The point? Shut the fuck up and talk about how to end the war in Iraq. read more | digg story

CNN, MSNBC LIED! see Rev. Wright's '9/11' comment in context

Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC are all fucking liars. They took Rev Wright out of context. He's no racist. He was actually quoting a white ambassador. For shame on big media. For shame. read more | digg story

MIKE HUCKABEE Defends Obama, & Rev. Wright!

"he made the point, and I think it's a valid one, that you can't hold the candidate responsible for everything that people around him may say or do. You just can't -- whether it's me, whether it's Obama, anybody else." --Mike Huckabee Couldn't have said it better, Mr. Bee. read more | digg story

Business owners want officer reinstated.

Remember the Baltimore cop awhile back who got filmed abusing a teenager who was skateboarding in the inner harbor of Baltimore? Well, business owners want him reinstated. He had every right to yell at the kids to stop. He had every right to call their parents. He still didn't have any right to body-slam somebody half his size. Police officers are taught equal force, but this officer obviously didn't get the fucking memo. I know Julia and Empyrean would agree on this.

It's over! 700MHz spectrum auction tops $19.5 billion

Oh I cannot wait to see if Google won this. If they did it'll change the face of the cell phone industry as well as the wireless internet industry. Intriguing. But I bet at&t or Verizon outbid them. read more | digg story

Merril Bainbridge - Mouth

I heard this song on the radio a few nights ago and it instantly took me back to the mid 90s. I guess that's a good thing. I love this song. Well, here's the video:

ATTN: Super Delegates!

Please pick the nominee. I'm tired of waiting. Thank you, Bozzy

Miss Maryland!!


Comments are open

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Tracy Morgan on SNL Weekend Update

You have to watch this.

Oh yeah.

I got promoted. I'm awesome.

Student disciplined after stopping out-of-control school bus

No good deed goes unpunished... read more

Just so you know.

Scientology is NOT a religion. It's a business. Glad we're clear. Don't want anybody claiming otherwise.

You know, it's quite funny.

I love how some people are gonna highlight the fact that Barack Obama's middle name is Hussein, and then call him a racist. The hypocrisy is astounding.


We finally got the Voyager in stock. Yippee. It's a been pretty warm lately. Winter's almost over. Not like it was really that cold this year and we got a whopping 4 inches of snow all season, but I am ready for the warmer weather. Remember, I work in a mall and the summer brings out all the scantily clad females!!! Oh yeah, I have the T-Mobile Dash now. My Motorola v195 snapped in half a week ago, and my friend gave me his old phone (a Dash in good condition) for a nominal price. Cool. I still can't wait til Dec 10th to switch to Verizon. I gotta go! Peace, In the middle east.

My World!! The Video

Check out the new 7 Days Torn music video. Now go to 7 Days Torn's official website and listen to their new songs, My World , Letting Go , and their newest Dearly Departed !

Why Is Prostitution Illegal?

The oldest question about the oldest profession. read more | digg story

Ride the Bitchcruiser Bike

This is fucking awesome.

Sheep leads police on high-speed chase

If the wool won't fit, you must acquit. read more | digg story

Mambo #5