Why do people steal?

I came into work today to find that my store had been broken into for the second time in 3 months. Why? Let's excuse the obvious fact that it's pointless to steal a CDMA phone, since all I have to do is report it stolen and it's just a fancy paperweight.. but why do people steal? Can't people just get a fucking job and go out and buy what they want. Fucking crackhead hood rats. Don't give me this shit how society is against them, that they need to do this to feed themselves or their welfare children. That's bullshit. Get a fucking job.


  1. your a bitch u dont know what its like u pussy ass bitch.u talk all dat shit on tha computer but i bet u wont go say it to there face you would get ya shit split quick white boy.haha your a fuckin clown.FUCK THA POLICE AN FUCK THA FEDS!

  2. you're.

    learn grammar.



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