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Come to MySpace so you can Twitter my Yahoo while I Google your Facebook

HEY!! I'm over here! Well, not "Here", but I'm over "There"; "There" is actually several places: Tumblr: Twitter: Facebook: So yeah, go and follow me. Stalk me. I'm that important. If I don't see you outside my bedroom window, I will be very let down.


Well I don't really....

Yeah so my girl decided to a road trip t...

Yeah so my girl decided to a road trip to Chicago with her best friend. I'm alone til Monday. OH wait, no I'm not I got work to be at. FUNNNN STUFF. At least tonight should be fun to see the All Mighty Senators in Towson.

Posting from my HTC droid eris

This is awesome I love Android phones and stuff. Ok I gotta go now. Take care but not too much don't be anal about it. Later gater