Sunday, July 22, 2012

Thoughts on Aurora

More gun control is not the answer. If the people in the theater had guns, somebody would have taken the killer out before 12 people had to die. Maybe it wouldn't have saved all lives...who knows... maybe if the killer knew others could possibly be armed he would have thought twice, who knows. Just don't think that the more gun laws we have would change anything because the killer acquired his weapons legally. What other laws would actually make a difference? You can have all public places require pat downs and strip searches, and this would still happen. So what then? Collect all guns and destroy them? How do you do that?

Sometimes you can't stop evil.

Never forget.

Alex Sullivan
John Larimer
Jessica Ghawi
Micayla MedeK
Jon Blunk
Alex Teves
Alexander "AJ" Boik
Gordon Cowden
Rebecca Wingo
Matt McQuinn
Veronica Moser-Sullivan
Jesse Childress


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