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Giant Tree Tomato

I saw an infomercial on the tv last night for this. It almost makes me wish I didn't live in an apartment. Amazing Super-Species Looks Like A Fruit Tree Produces Bushels of Tomato Clusters Summer to Fall Basket after basket of juicy mouthwatering beauties up to 2 pounds each... so delicious, so succulent, just one sliced up tree tomato covers an entire slice of bread! A super-growing tree that z-o-o-m-s high as a man IN JUST 3 MONTHS! A New Crop Of Farm-Fresh Tomatoes Each Week Yours To Feast On For About A Penny A Piece! A living tomato factory so desperate to produce that for every tomato you pick one week, two more seem to jump forth to take its place. Grow In Yard As A Garden Wonder...Or As A Patio Showpiece! Non-Stop Fruit All Season Long! Supplies Are Limited - Make Sure You Do Not Miss Out - ACT NOW!

What's this about Joe's daughter?

I received an interesting email from Walt Stoneburner who apparently thinks my name is Joe or John Bozzay. Read on... Joe / John, Marcus and I are going over his tasks this evening, and it is very apparent to me that we've got more on his plate than one person can realistically handle. The developers are clearly swamped in last minute fixes, and I'm personally concerned we don't have enough face time in testing. It is not enough to just take 30 minutes a day to test. It is fantasy to expect to test the software into a state of repair -- developers need to fix stuff, and they can't do that if they are testing. And they can't test if they are fixing. Joe's daughter is a very good, parallel, solution. Can we get her in, interview her, and move on it quickly? As in tomorrow. Marcus and/or I can task her so that both Marcus and her are completely engaged in testing. We have three tracks: the demo path, the bugs in TRAC, and documented tests. Marcus being the sole bo


Since I don't know how badly WordPress is attacked by spammers, I am opening up my comments to everybody. You don't need to register to comment. If you want to submit stuff, go ahead and register, but to just comment, you don't need to do anything special. Unless your comment is special, then you have to. Is your comment special? It's special if you're special! Are you special? How many more times can I say the world special? Did you know that every time I have typed the world special I have mispelled it as specail? That's a special way to spell special, I'll say! I guess that makes me special? special

Stupid Spam

Can somebody please tell me why I get spam for websites that don't exist? Maybe I'm stupid, but if what you're promoting doesn't exist, then what's the point of promoting it? From: Zackary Subject: intense actions intense action to be seen Leap, and the net will appear. The net seems to not want to appear.

The Past, Present, and Future of Blogging

In another month, I will have been at this little thing called blogging for three years. Whoa, three years. Yes, three years. Which is usually the amount of time I quit doing something and focus my short attention span on some new shiny thing. In the three years I have been blogging I have gone from having a day-to-day journal blog, to a tech blog, to a political blog, and most recently to a general comedy and rant blog. I guess I have a pop culture blog now, I really don't know. Everytime I try to pigeonhole my blog my head begins to hurt and I start to cry. When I cry, things just happen to break or otherwise stop working... on their own. Yeah.


Mr Philip Makosana, STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. You may be surprised to receive this letter from me since you don’t know me personally. I am Mr Philip Makosana, the first son of Late Joseph Makosana, who was murdered in a land dispute in Zimbabwe. I got your contact through an internet trade directory here in Italy and I decided to contact you. I do not know your person but I relied on faith to see me through. Black war veterans claiming to be farmers, invaded my father’s house on April 16, 2000 at about 6.32am in Macheke/Virginia district and murdered my father because of his insistence that white farmers be allowed to retain their farm lands despite the recently introduced land reforms “Act” in Zimbabwe by the head of state, Sir Robert Mugabe. Until his death he was the vice president of the Zimbabwean Farmers’ Union (ZFU). It took us so long to contact you because we had to w

Bush still destroying jobs

On the surface this looks great, finally an end to those annoying spam calls. But then you realize how we've already lost tons of jobs under the Bush administration and this bill will force 2 million young people (twenty somethings usually) out of work. But who cares about them, the phone isn't ringing! Meanwhile the companies who employ them get to make more money and put more money in their pension plans for all the VPs. See, Bush destroys jobs.

Guess the spam

Yes, a guessing game. Fill in the blanks. Optimum will take your [ ] to new levels... Guaranteed! Your [ ] will grow up to 3 inches Your erections will be [ ] Your [ ] drive will be supercharged Your [ ] will be more [ ] Your [ ] will be astounded Go ahead and try. Don't be shy. That was not supposed to rhyme. Honestly. Here's a hint:

You might be a redneck if...

Just thought I would share my favorite redneck jokes... ...your front porch collapses and four dogs get killed. ...on thanksgiving day you decide which pet to eat. ...youíve ever had to siphon gas from your lawn mower to put into your truck. canít visit relatives without getting mud on your tires. know who is actually leading the Winston Cup series. grill spam. ...youíve ever stolen toilet paper. ...your kids trip over the Christmas lights while hunting for Easter eggs. think fast food is hitting a deer at 65 mph.'ve ever killed a deer, period. ...youíve ever hollered, "You kids quit playin' on that sheet metal." ...your favorite mixed drink includes Yoo-Hoo. ...your screen door has no screen. own half a pickup truck. ...your wife has a set of earrings that you use as a fishing lure. ever say "oh yeah I can fix it".'re naked on laundry day. No, I didn't make those up, those are my favorites.

Don't need a bigger penis, thank you

I keep getting spam telling me that penis enlargment really works! Penis Enlargement that really WORKS!!!! You can actually increase the size of your penis 100% naturally Penis Enlargement is Possible length & Girth. Using simple Exercises & Techniques! Satisfied your curiosity!! Enlarge your penis NOW! CLICK HERE The website is titled "penis secrets", lol! I wonder who these people are who run these sites... it's just so funny... "penis secrets"... just makes you wanna scream "Yippee!!!" Why do they think I care? NOW TO ALL SPAMMERS, LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE! I AM ALREADY SATISIFIED WITH THE SIZE OF MY PENIS! I ALSO DON'T WANT TO HELP YOU TO LAUNDER MONEY! OR HELP YOU BUY A CAR!