My thoughts on the $700 billion bailouts.

What. The. FUCK?!

Since when is it the american tax payer's responsibility to bail out the stupid decisions of a PRIVATE corporation? Those banks didn't ask me if there customer should get that loan or that mortgage, so why do I have to pay? And I will. And my children, and my grandchildren, if the Bush Company actually shell out 700 billion. McCain wants to increase it to 1.2 TRILLION. That's 1,200 billion, if you are mathmatically challenged like me. That's bullshit. If McCain is elected this country will be unrecognizeable. Bush has destroyed the constitution. McCain will be more of the same. And don't be fooled by Sarah Palin. She doesn't even know what the vice president does! She said it herself.

Okay enough of that. Fuck the bailouts. Call it business darwinism. Make a stupid mistake, extend too much credit, then you go out of business. Take some personal responsiblity for your own companies failed policies.


  1. Your boyfriend's totally behind it, too.

  2. yeah, pretty much every politian (except for ron paul) is behind it...


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