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The Funniest Pictures of Cats You Will EVER See!

There we go. More cats on the Intarweb. read more  |  digg story

Akeelah and The 100-Year-Old Bee?

Oh God, I see a sequel coming . PORTLAND, Ore. - A scientist has found a 100 million-year-old bee trapped in amber, making it possibly the oldest bee ever found. "I knew right away what it was, because I had seen bees in younger amber before," said George Poinar, a zoology professor at Oregon State University. The bee is about 40 million years older than previously found bees. The discovery of the ancient bee may help explain the rapid expansion and diversity of flowering plants during that time. On a random, slightly related note, I was twice stung by more than 10 bees! ... ... I rock!!!

What's the number again?

This can only end badly. To find out what can only end badly, please dial a 1 before entering and dial again. To see it end badly, stay on the line. Your call is important to us. Okay. That was retarded. I'm fucking tired. Anyway, you have nice shoes.

Blade going to jail?

That's right, Wesley Snipes has allegedly tried to cheat the government of $12 million dollars. In other news, scientists finally have created an invisibility cloak ? YES!!!

Yup, still alive.

Busy as hell. Making money. Not nearly as much as I want, but that's always the case. I have no time do anything fun, but that doesn't really stop me. As a result, I am always tired. And the Redskins have to be sucking right now. Which isn't cool at all. They need to get their act together. So anyway, anybody need a kitten?

Finally. A Day Off.

Yesterday was my 11th day in a row at work. And the day ended perfectly: Seeing 7 Days Torn at Fletchers and then chillin at their practice studio off of Caton Ave. And Sunday was great too, I was able to see my Redskins put up 36 points against the supposedly great Jaguars Defense. You can't stop Santana Moss. So I haven't decided what to do today... I think I may just keep it small and stay home and do laundry. Yes, laundry party at my house! Yeah, I'm boring.