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The more you play with it, the harder it gets


Keep track of your dog with your bluetooth

What you need: Bluetooth capable verizon phone w/ chaperone Arm pouch case Stereo bluetooth headset Activate the bluetooth on the cell phone, and secure it in the arm pouch case and attach the case to your dog's leg. Then activate the bluetooth headset, turn on auto answer, and secure to your dog's head. Call your friendly neighborhood verizon wireless store and activate chaperone. Now whenever you call your dog, the headset will automatically answer the call, and with chaperone, you'll always know where your dog is, and never lose your dog. The first to put this to work gets a free pizza.

McCain: I talked with Putin, Germany's president.

Wow. And this guy wants to be President.


History in the making. I love my country. Barack Obama for President.

Three Women With Sand in Their Vaginas

The first one is Harriet Christian from Manhattan. You don't see it, but she's actually waving around a bottle of Scotch. Now here's a blonde from Florida who's clearly laid out in the sun too damn long: And finally, here's a California "democrat" who flew to Florida to showcase her excellent selection of lapel pins.

She has some nerve...

How the hell did I get on Hillary Clinton's email list? This is a sick, sick, joke if anybody did this.

2012: The Year The Internet Ends

We need to stop this before it even gets started. Apparently all the ISPs are illegally colluding with each other to put an end to net-neutrality in 4 years. This is illegal and they must be stopped. read more | digg story