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New job is going great

In case you didn't hear, I quit working for T-Mobile, March 17th was my last day. Since March 19th I've been working for Verizon, although on the 18th I did go to a training/meeting, so I really didn't have any day of unemployment. I'm awesome like that. So yeah, it's going great. I'm finding that what worked for selling T-Mobile doesn't quite work for Verizon, but I'm getting the hang of things real fast. Today I sold 4 phones and my store in Owings Mills was killing our two Columbia stores when I left work. They usually beat us during the week, but for whatever reason we usually out do them on Saturdays... And I think I met a drug dealer today... I sold a Motorola Q, without service, for $629.99 (including tax) and the guy paid with all $10 dollar bills, 63 ten dollar bills to be exact. Who carries around that much cash?!

Blaccuweather Forecast

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I'm at the wrong airport!

Top 10 Ways to Destroy Earth

Ever wanted to think about ways to destroy Earth ? Me neither, but as it turns out, it's more humorous than I originally thought it would be.