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The Terminal

Wow, this Spielberg film kinda came out of no where. It seems like he was just spending years working on AI and nothing he's pumping shit out again. Only The Terminal isn't really's not a gem, it's kinda too cute, but there's some funny scenes. Nothing requiring the big screen. I thought it was odd that Tom Hanks was playing a Russian character, and I kinda thought it would be hard to believe that he wasn't an American, but then again, this is Tom Hanks, he can do everything. Plot wise, The Terminal is basically Cast Away set in an airport. I think that explains everything. It's cute, sometimes too cute, but the supporting cast, most notably the Indian janitor, are hilarious.

Fahrenheit 9/11

I saw Michael Moore's excellent new documentary today. I thought if I waited til Monday it wouldn't be as crowded, with it being a work day and all. I mean, I saw it at 2pm, and the theater was packed like it was a Friday. That should say something about how important this movie is, or maybe it just says a lot of people don't have jobs. Who knows... So what did I think? Is this movie mostly "lies" and "liberal propoganda"? Nope. I dare somebody, anybody to try to point out the lies. There's no buying a gun at a bank in this movie. It's not lies. Moore uses Bush's own words. I did think he put too much of a focus on Flint, Michigan. I know that's his hometown, but if he wanted to localize the issue, he should have chosen a city he was not from. But other than that, I loved it. Anybody that bashes this film before seeing it is a fucking fool. You need to see this. This film was released at this time for one reason and one reason only: to in

How can I say it's hot?

It's hotter than the devil's balls. And more humid than...

Typing is not just for fingers

Type your username with your... Nose: bozzt Elbow: nb poxyh Tongue: 7 6,mg [yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck] Chin: bvlkyt Feet: bnoxzxyu Eyebrow:ui--f8 Back of Your Hand: g00de8y Palm: bg09sxzsz76 Mouse:bozszsy7

To the activity log and beyond!

I'm bored so I think I will go look up what people are trying to search for on my site... query for 'Indians burn down their own homes query for 'slogan' query for 'donnie darko' query for 'how do i get good abs?' [2] query for 'stipler 2.0' [3] query for 'Charlez' query for 'vinny jones' query for 'Peter Griffin: "Hey look everyone, it's Tupac back from the dead!" query for 'chickory' query for 'diode' there's more, but I think those are the funny ones. and I'm not _that_ bored.

Bush in his own words

"I call upon all nations to do everything they can to stop these terrorist killers. Thank you. Now watch this drive." Want more? You'll have to wait for the movie , I hear Bush portrays his character so well, he's gonna be up for an Academy Award for Best Actor.

Night on the Town

Tonight was eventful. Julia and I went down to downtown Baltimore to Fletcher's bar , where the band, Matt Nathanson was playing, and John aka "freedomtickler" is their bassist..and also an active member of my online forums. So yeah, I have now met 3 people off the dang ol' internet. 4, if I ever take a roadtrip to Blacksburg, Va, hehe. Kevin , this should happen soon. :-) Anyhoo, the music was awesome. The bar was hot as hell, shit, fuck, younameit. I was sweating bullets. Seriously. But it was fun. Now, here's where it got interesting. Julia calls her boyfriend Josh so he can come down and chill with us, we walk back to the parking garage to my car, only to find that it's locked. Yup, it was closed. Luckily some other people had the same predicament, and they called the garage people (haha, garage people) and they let us in and then let us out with our cars. So...we decide to go get coffee at some place in Laurel. Julia and Josh drive off and John's in


Mr Philip Makosana, STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. You may be surprised to receive this letter from me since you don’t know me personally. I am Mr Philip Makosana, the first son of Late Joseph Makosana, who was murdered in a land dispute in Zimbabwe. I got your contact through an internet trade directory here in Italy and I decided to contact you. I do not know your person but I relied on faith to see me through. Black war veterans claiming to be farmers, invaded my father’s house on April 16, 2000 at about 6.32am in Macheke/Virginia district and murdered my father because of his insistence that white farmers be allowed to retain their farm lands despite the recently introduced land reforms “Act” in Zimbabwe by the head of state, Sir Robert Mugabe. Until his death he was the vice president of the Zimbabwean Farmers’ Union (ZFU). It took us so long to contact you because we had to w

A hobbit keeps using my shower

For some reason unbeknownst to me, every time I go to shower, the showerhead is on the lowest setting, it's like a 3 foot midget or dwar, whom we shall call Frodo, is using my bathroom. It's really starting to creep me out. So if you're out there, Frodo, stop using my bathroom. Thanks.

Are we safer?

Well, are we safer without Ronald Reagan? Yes, yes we are.

Holy crap, I forgot all about it

I've been so busy I completely forgot to post about my two year anniversary of blogging. Okay, bye.

Hey, I have been BUSY.

I'm really fucking tired of being pulled every which way and then accused of ignoring people when I don't hang out. Everyone fucking does this to me and it's kinda fucking impossible to devote my time to everybody. Not to mention it's pretty selfish of people to make those demands of people. Look, I love ya all, but I can't always post here, on the forums, or even hang out, but it doesn't mean I don't like you anymore. I haven't been ignoring people's messages-- I get home late and check them, and a lot of time, the person has signed off, so I go to bed, then I obviously forget in the morning. I'M SORRY. I'M A BAD PERSON. I DO NOT DESERVE TO LIVE. I'm sorry if any of you have felt ignored, I really am, what else more am I supposed to do; get down on my fucking knees? I think I'm going to have to make a long post about everything that has been going on in the past few months, but I just don't know where to begin. So it may still be

The OJ Interview

I didn't get a chance to watch The OJ Interview , because I've been hella busy as of late (and it's been pissing off some of my friends), but even if I had the time, I don't think I watch anything with his sorry black murderous ass in it. They should fucking edit him out The Naked Gun and whatever other movies he got his sorry self in. He's a fucking wife beater and oughta be castrated. I mean, putting him on TV just goes to show that NBC really is desperate for ratings. What, they couldn't find Donald Trump? I bet he could have bragged about how fucking rich he is. That would have been more entertaining then to watch a fucking guy who got away with murder because he successfully played the role of innocent black man who's been dealt a bad life by racist white people. OJ, you're a damned fool.

Ender's Game

My friend Alex read this book recently and now I'm reading it , and it's fucking awesome , and it's going to be a fucking awesome movie in 2006, directed by Wolfgang Peterson. I'm only up to the fifth chapter (just started yesterday), but it's clear that The Matrix is not so original afterall. *rollseyes*


So I was talking to Jenna while playing with a lighter when I started to burn myself (for my own amusment of course), and she says "Don't do that, fire burns", which I quip back, "It does? Sweet, it is confirmed." We get lots of stuff done. Really, we do.

There goes the figure

Academy Award-winning actress and all-around Pretty Woman Julia Roberts is pregnant with twins, according to published reports that were confirmed by her spokeswoman Tuesday morning. The 36 year-old actress, who is married to cameraman Daniel Moder, is expected to give birth early next year. Do you want to know more about her soon to be fatness? teehee