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happy new year

just wishing u all a happy new year. This message sent from my vzw blackberry

Nickelback Sucks

Have you ever noticed that every single one of their songs sounds exactly the same? I heard 'Gotta be Somebody' on XM 22 just now and apparently it is one of their new songs but I swear it sounds like something from their first album. Fuck Chad Kroeger. No wonder clubs make him stand in line like everybody else.

Ugly as fuck

I met this girl at The Greene Turtle last night and she was ugly as fuck. Like I swear I thought she was a man.

Sick and tired

I don't know about you, but I'm pissed everybody has stopped complaining about gas prices. They are still too high!  They think they can raise prices to an obscene amount for years, then drop them really fast in the span of 6 months and people will be all fantabulous and giddy. Fuck that. Gas prices are still too high. Stop trying to pretend like you don't remember when it was 99 cents per gallon. It's a $1.67/gallon here and it's still way too much!


I have the best girlfriend ever.