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Betcha didn't know this

One my friends, who I have known online for like 3 years, sent this to me: (it's in the same format he sent it in, and I am too tired to put it in some format that is friendly to this site, this will probably work anyway.)

Punch-Drunk Love

What the heck is the point of this movie? I liked it, the acting was great-- adam sandler gives the performance of his lifetime and Emily Watson, wow, just wow, but the story sucked. It just wasn't as interesting as PT's other films. The characters were interesting, but the story they were in was god awful. I still was entertained, but I like the entire cast of this film so that's why. Is this better than Magnolia? Not on your life, but if you like Adam Sandler (who is awesome in this!), Emily Watson, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Luis Guzman you should see this. Just ignore the fact that it is poorly written. Read this review and others @

Bowling for Columbine

I have just seen THE most influencial movie that I have ever seen in my entire movie-going life. Now, before you read below, I want to warn you that I express my opinion (what a concept!) in this review, and if you are sensitive to that, please read at your own risk. There are also spoilers, but you may have heard about the events in this movie on the news, when they actually happened. Read this review and others @


Here it is. But there are some kinks that I hope to work out tonight but I am about to go to best buy to get a keyboard for my brother. I don't even know why he needs one but its only like 15 bucks. hey do me a favor, surf my site and look for all the glitches, in case I missed a few. Just comment here if you find any. I already know that the comments page is showing the wrong skin, and the entrylink pages are messed up, I think the latter is a missing div tag problem. thanks!

What the hell?

Why am I first for this search ? Google, google, I hardly knew ye.


Now I know I have too much time on my hands! How Juicy is it? brought to you by,

Girl's Club

What the hell, why does FOX cancel Ally McBeal (not complaining) then let David E. Kelly create an identical show called "Girl's Club"? He (and FOX) must have a thing (fling) for single female lawyers...


I'm on MSNBC again! w00t! They love me, they really really love me! ;)

Windows RG!

The new Windows Operating System! Via Paul thru Kevin Windows RG ! Be sure to check out all the programs too! Lata gata

Dreams are Weird

I had the strangest dream last night, well at least the one I can remember. There was this lake and you could go to it, the lake people would put this thing on your tires and you could drive around in the lake. But it wasn't a real lake. It as a flooded street inside a building and there was a scientist doing experiements in this sectioned off part of the lake/street. Around the edges were concrete the water was shallow because the lake people were low on funds and could only flood so much of the street. I remember being worried for my dogs because were running up and down the flooded street (don't ask) by themselves and would not stop. I thinl it was supposed to be an amusement park because we rode right back to where we started, and then another car went in the lake. God, I can't believe I remember so much. Any clue was this dream means? Oh, Igby Goes Down is NOT playing near me, so I'm not going to the movies today. :(

AIM for Mac OS X

Somebody better make an ad removable program for AOL Instant Messenger that works on Mac OS X! Now, this will only happen if lots of people see this entry in google, so.... AIM AOL Instant Messenger Remove Ads in AIM for Mac OS X Mac AIM AOL Instant Messenger Remove Ads in AIM for Mac OS X Mac AIM AOL Instant Messenger Remove Ads in AIM for Mac OS X Mac AIM AOL Instant Messenger Remove Ads in AIM for Mac OS X Mac

Rules of Attraction

Like brother, like brother...boy oh boy, the Batemans sure are one fucked up bunch. Yes, if you are unaware, "Rules of Attraction" is based on a novel by Brett Easton Ellis, who also wrote the novel that "American Psycho" is based on. 'Pyscho has Patrick, and 'Rules has Sean, Bateman. Okay, time for the review. Where should I start? I guess I'll start with the bad reviews this movie has been getting. Most of those reviews say the characters seem shallow, selfish, and greedy, and that the film lacks a plot. Hello. Did you not understand the 80's, or were you born in the 90's? The 80's was about all that, the characters in "Amercian Psycho" were about all that, being shallow, selfish, and greedy. Sure, 'Psycho had more of a critic-friendly plot, but 'Rules has a plot too. It's just not like any other plot, in fact, if you have ADHD or just weren't paying attention, then you probably would say it doesn't have one. B


Guess who just got props over at MSNBC's Weblog Central ? ME! search for bozzy's world on this page Now watch people I know find my blog. Haha.

I am disgusted.

Which is why I am going to bed, but I wanted to rant: I just saw the news that congress has agreed to go to war against Iraq. Jesus fucking Christ, Tom Daschel and the rest of the democrats just got bullied into taking the "president"'s side, therefore I am not voting for Daschel, if he runs. He won't because he's a fucking dumbass. And Bush is a faggot and a redneck but also a major dumbass. If we go to war against Iraq, not only will it cause another 9/11 tradegy but it will also start World War III . Don't believe me. Just wait and see, because our "president" is just the kind of faggot who will do this. He's nothing but a fucking puppet, anyone know the master? Papa Bush. I will not fight if drafted. This is NOT my war and Bush is NOT my president. I didn't vote for him, half of America didn't vote for him. Don't get me wrong, I love my country, by I am disgusted at our "president" and the wimps in the Senate. Now let

Red Dragon

Those of you who have read my reviews before probably know that I hate remakes, but I haven't seen "Manhunter" before so I thought I should see "Red Dragon". I wasn't dissappointed. This movie is flat-out awesome. I mean, it has the great Anthony Hopkins, Edward Norton, Ralph Fines, Phillip Seymore Hoffman, Emily Watson, and that guy who is the assistant principal on "Boston Public" (he was also in "Silence of the Lambs"!) If you have not seen this film then you abosutely must. I was not a fan of Brett Ratner (the director), Rush Hour was pretty decent but the sequel flat out sucked, but I love the hannibal series so I had to see this movie. You wil not be dissappointed. Read this review and others @

Reading Fortunes, in bed.

A sense of humor is one of our greatest assests, in bed. It's time you asked that special someone out on a date, in bed. Relax and enjoy yourself, in bed. A good home is happiness, in bed. There is no wisdom greater than kindness, in bed. You have a curious smile and a mysterious nature, in bed. Your family is one of nature's masterpieces, in bed. (my personal favorite) The greatest danger could be your stupidity, in bed. (okay this is my fav) You love chinese food, in bed. You will recieve a fortune (cookie), in bed. Buy many dream boxes. Ask a friend to select one, in bed. Trust your intuition, the universe is guiding your life, in bed. You long to see the great pyramids in Egypt, in bed. Everything is not yet lost, in bed. Someone will invite you to a Kareoke party, in bed. Don't forget, you're always on our minds, in bed. You are filled with life's most precious treaser...hope, in bed! Don't Behave with Cold Manners, in bed. What you left behind it more mell

Blue Laws

He posted about the dumbest laws in virginia (altho one was not dumb), so I will do the same for Mer-land (thats how people here pronounce that, especially in baltimore).

"President" Bush will kill us all

Why the hell are about to start another war when we haven't even finished the so-called "war on terror"? What a joke. Furthermore, why does our "President" feel the need to attack another country simply because he doesn't like their form of government? Geez Mr. "President", America isn't loved by every country you know...if/when (election time) we go to war and even if we do not knock Saddam out of power, the arab nations that hate our naked women loving guts would attack us. Who's to stop them? War just leads to more war. Tell me when it didn't do that. Please, humor me. Bush will kill us all. Here's how: we bomb the shit out of Iraq, Osama bin Laden quietly regains power in Afghanistan do to the attention on Iraq, after we leave Iraq to start another war on Canada or Alaska (somebody tell bush that's ours), Osama bin Laden gives Iraq (or some other arab land) a nuke (or two) and they destroy Washington DC or some other big cit