Thursday, October 3, 2002

"President" Bush will kill us all

Why the hell are about to start another war when we haven't even finished the so-called "war on terror"? What a joke. Furthermore, why does our "President" feel the need to attack another country simply because he doesn't like their form of government? Geez Mr. "President", America isn't loved by every country you know...if/when (election time) we go to war and even if we do not knock Saddam out of power, the arab nations that hate our naked women loving guts would attack us. Who's to stop them? War just leads to more war. Tell me when it didn't do that. Please, humor me.

Bush will kill us all. Here's how: we bomb the shit out of Iraq, Osama bin Laden quietly regains power in Afghanistan do to the attention on Iraq, after we leave Iraq to start another war on Canada or Alaska (somebody tell bush that's ours), Osama bin Laden gives Iraq (or some other arab land) a nuke (or two) and they destroy Washington DC or some other big city.

Just my two cents. I respect your opinion, please respect mine.


  1. I agree, this is an ongoing war of unfinished business. The war against sadam was let to rest after the gulf war. Now, the war agianst bin laden has been forgotten. We are now back to the war against sadam. I think the bush family just wants to start a war, but they are not sure who they want to start it with. They haven't done anything. Someone is going to pissed off very soon and start a war with the US.

  2. :angry:Bozzy you are one stupid fuck bush is smart .he hasn't went to war yet anyways. You have to put yourself in Bush's shoes.Your probably some nobody that doesn't matter, just throwing your stupid opinion out. I hope when Saddam does attack neat by

  3. kill all de white man

  4. kill all the white men

  5. Let the world try to look for a peaceful solution

  6. i agree with the last one. let the world try to look for a peaceful solution. i think that would never happen if bush remains president. i agree bush is just trying to start a war and whoever said that bozzy is a dumbfuck, you are. bush is gonna kill us all and you. and everyone matters, even if they dont matter to you. PEACE!!!

  7. This war on terrorism is bull. Like someone said above, just because our president doesn't like the way that another country runs their government, it's not a good basis for a war. We've only attacked poor countries that we can defeat pretty easily. Oooh, big bad america.
    Bush is also using these wars for personal gain. We went to war with Iraq and hey, guess what? There's oil there. Guess which president's millionaire father coincidently happens to be IN the oil business? Bush Senior. And Bush has a personal grudge against Saddam Hussein for a supposed assasination attempt on his father. (Look it up if you don't believe me...).
    I don't like war in the first place but Bush has only been president for 3 and a half years yet he's started two wars. Does the fact that alot of people are planning to vote for him again scare anyone? It scares the hell out of me.



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