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Do you want to be sperm?

I know you do! Bring back those fond memories!!!

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

A weekend ago, I learned that not only can Denzel Washington act, he can also direct. Well, this weekend, I learned the same thing about George Clooney...or did I?

Who want's to know about my day?

Well fuck off, I ain't telling. Okay, my day was fun. The expericence at WETA (they pronouce the call letters like a word, kinda funny, kinda normal) was awesome. I was there from like 8:50am til 4pm, 5:30pm if you count my drive home, but why would you? :p All the people there are really really nice. And the vast majority of them seem to dislike bush, at least the ones I came in contact with... Their studio dwarfs my college's studio (big surprise, but the control room computers and shit are just like my college's, switchers, monitors, the works, they're pretty similar in age. Old. But WETA and probably my college are waiting til its cheaper to upgrade their whole setup to HD-TV. See, in order to broadcast in HD-TV, you have to acquire and edit in high definition, so if a network wants to broadcast in high definition, they have to throw out their entire computer/cams system, and that gets pretty fucking pricey. Remember, WETA is an affiliate of PBS, so it

I can taste the money!!

I worked from 9am to 2:30pm today!!! :w00t: my paychecks should start getting back to normal now...stupid holiday offdays. Oh and remember how I said I had to wake up at 7:30 today? I woke up at 8:15. Just enough time to throw on some jeans, eat a bowl of cereal, check email, and leave. What happened at work? Moving stuff out of one electrical room storage room into a non-firecode violation storage room. That pretty much sums it up. So I got home around 2:40 or something...found out that the guy I know who works at WETA called and it's fairly certain that I'm gonna be "shadowing" or whatnot around there on friday. :w00t: Then my mom said "email [boss's name] now, oh wait you can't cable is down!" CRAP!!!! Yeah, apparently we lost cable TV and Internet at like 10:30 this didn't come back up til about 3:30, about an hour ago. Ughhhh, but at least it's back up. *knock on wood* To top that off, my dad told me that we are down to onl

The 25th hour

Wow. If this is Spike Lee's joint, I want some of it. (Just kidding kiddies, say no to drugs.) Seriously, this is one heck of a film. The only thing I could possibly mark it down for, would be the opening shot with the dog, it just didn't seem very good quality. The video was all grainy. Maybe that was the intention, but I also kept wondering if that was a flash forward or a flashback, or how far back it was? I just didn't like it...perhaps a scene explaining how Monty found his dog was cut out and they quickly shot another one...who knows...doesn't matter. This flick is great. The acting is superb. Edward Norton gives an Oscar worthy performance, but it's Barry Pepper and Phillip Seymour Hoffman that steal the show, but unfortunately (for them) Anna Paquin steals it. She sure has a come a long way since The Piano. Tony "the goose" Siragussa was okay, but he did seem a little overthetop, but this a pretty good performace for a debut. The backdrop is NYC in

Little Shop of Whores

Crap!!! Just. Kidding. It's Horrors. And it just came today!!! I ordered it the same time as Thirteenth Floor, but it didn't arrive until a week after I got 13th Floor! LOL! This is such great news, why? Because now I know what to do tonight!!! lol

Just Married

The title says "Just Married" but it really should be "The Honeymoon from Hell", as the story is about newly weds Tom (Ashton Kutcher) and Sarah (Brittany Murphy) and they're disasterous honeymoon in Europe, they're brief seperation, then they fall back in love and go out for ice cream. All that's true...except for the ice cream part.

Antwone Fisher

I never heard of this movie until yesterday, when my mom pretty much dragged me to see it. Well, my dad is out of town, and I did get to eat at Johnny Rockets before the film, so that was a plus, but without all that said, it was worth it.

Do not be alarmed

continue swimming but had to. anyways, i just got back online because comcast went down for about 70 minutes, so :jazy: and :michael:, I didn't just disappear! nice to see that nobody waits up for me. Geez ;-)

Kinky Stereo Instructions!

"make the appropriate connection or connections based on the configuration of your unit" "install the unit where it will not injure the passenger if there is a sudden stop, like an emergency stop." "use only supplied mounting hardware, for a safe and secure installation" "the mounting angle should be 30 degrees or less from horizontal" You will never install a stereo the same way again.