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New Orleans 20% Dry

You could say that New Orleans is wet ...and it'd be true! Why? The Saints have no where to play!

Gas prices soaring above $3/gallon


Holy Shiite! 841 Dead in Stampede!

Mental note: Do not move to Baghdad .

iTunes? Apple? Phone? To?

Rumor has is that Apple is about to release an iTunes phone , thanks to Motorola. Not sure how I feel about that. Does our phone really need to dub as our iPod? Meh.


Somebody said a bad four letter word that starts with an 'F' !!!! On Fox News no less! OMG PRAISE THE LORD!

So what's this about burying New Orleans?

I hear there's a a category 4 hurricane headed straight for New Orleans? Freakin' sweet. Carry on. No seriously, New Orleans is cool but this would be cooler. Think of all the death! CAN YOU SMELL THE DEATH? KILL! KILL! KILL! Update! The Superdome has been infiltrated !

How was the Unwritten Law, Papa Roach, and 311 show last night?

It was alright.

Almost went to a great show last night

Well, technically, I did go. The thing is that nobody else was there and I had to prevent Liz from committing public urination and flashing truckers. So Lily, Liz, and I leave Reisterstown at about 5PM yesterday and head down I-95 South to go to the Nissan Pavilion , to see Unwritten Law, Papa Roach, and 311. Or so we thought. First thing to go wrong is that we're using Mapquest for directions. Not just the usual internet print-out kind, the CELL PHONE kind. Mapquest ingeniously directs us into downtown Washington. We got a great view of the Washington Monument, Capital Building, and the Smithsonian... but no Nissan. :-( We eventually stop at a Quality Inn to ask for some directions, which were pretty good, so it's not just a name. Those quality directions tell us we have to get on I-66 west to exit 43b, which is about 50 minutes away! Unwritten Law goes on at 6:30! It's already 6:30! Lily flips a bitch, "I'm missing Unwritten Law!" But we get there, at about

Seether and Crossfade at Sonar tonight

Tonight I'll be at Sonar to see Seether and Crossfade ! Hopefully it'll go better than last time ... I really don't want to lose another pair of glasses. Playing pool again with Eddie would be cool though.

Since you've been gone

I can breathe for the first time... I'm so movin' on... yeah yeah... thanks to you... now I get...what I can I put it? You put me-- Is it wrong to be so addicted to Kelly Clarkson? I'm sorry, I can't help myself.

Important News Bulletin

Where the hell is the fucking extension cord?

Crack and Guns

Here's a joke: You're in Baltimore City (or any major city) and you get stopped by the police with some crack and a loaded pistol, what do you do? Do you give the cop the crack or blow his head off?

Microsoft determined to kill the Xbox

Microsoft's new system, the Xbox 360, is being priced at $399 . Way to go giving that market to Sony! You rock! W00t!

Hi Mom and Dad

So after three years, they find my site.

How many licks?

Mr. Turtle and Mr. Owl couldn't find out how many licks it takes to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie roll pop , and that stupid kid couldn't either... but my sources have told me that the number of licks is... 356. Okay, that's all.

Things I Learned on my Trip to New Jersey

I had a little weekend getaway to New Jersey this past weekend for like a vacation. Well it was really just to see some friends, but let's pretend. First off, New Jersey wasn't as bad as the first time I went there when I was in Pennsauken and crashed my car because nobody there knows how to merge into traffic. Anyway. It was cool, but there's still those annoying aspects of New Jersey. I'll explain: --Only in NJ does 295 North turn into 95 South. 295 is like a beltway, but half of it is the western split of I-95. It's pretty weird. --Do not try to find a White Castle in NJ. It really is hard like in the movie . It's really not in New Brunswick. That really is a Burger King. We could have gone to Cherry Hill, but we didn't feel like dying. We really should have gone to Freehold, but for some reason, I didn't want to. Heh. --You CANNOT, I repeat CANNOT, pump your own gas. I thought surely there'd be a few self-serv stations, but there are none of tho

Mac OS X for Intel cracked

I go away to New Jersey for the weekend (didn't get online at all) and my friend Curtis "deadmoo" installs Mac OS X on an Intel machine . Apparently he created quite a buzz, just about every news site is talking about it, including Wired and G4TV. He says Kevin Rose of The Screen Savers will be doing a story about this in his next podcast.

Can I ask WHY?

Why do women insist on taking me with them to pick out vibrators?

Gas Prices Are Unnecessarily High

The average price of gas is $2.40/g for regular unleaded, but at the stations around my home, the prices are a lot closer to $2.50/g. Why do prices have to be so high when ExxonMobile is scoring profits of $7 BILLION ? If you're bringing in more money than you need, why keep milking the shit out of your customers? It doesn't make any sense. And all you can do is sit back, relax, and enjoy being price gouged. Because that's legal in America. Haven't you read the constitution? Price gouging is legal. Also, do not give me this crap that you could just find another means of transportion. "You don't have to drive! You can ride a bike, take a cab, or a bus!" That's fucking bullshit. What about truck drivers? Are truck drivers supposed to carry their loads on their back while they bicycle down I-95? Or maybe they could just throw their shit in the trunk of a cab? Or let some old lady hold it on a bus? Other means my ass. This is price gouging and President

They be crimpin' mah ride!

Man, when I got my scion tC last August, I felt special. I felt like I driving something nobody else had. Now every fucking day I see another tC. It pisses me off. I had it first bitch, quit stealin' mah thunder! Fucking posers.

Robert Novak is a whiny little bitch

CNN suspends Robert Novak for being a bitch. Just watch and enjoy .


Some guy out there likes me. I hope it's not in a sexual way.


Since I don't know how badly WordPress is attacked by spammers, I am opening up my comments to everybody. You don't need to register to comment. If you want to submit stuff, go ahead and register, but to just comment, you don't need to do anything special. Unless your comment is special, then you have to. Is your comment special? It's special if you're special! Are you special? How many more times can I say the world special? Did you know that every time I have typed the world special I have mispelled it as specail? That's a special way to spell special, I'll say! I guess that makes me special? special

Sonar and Tim Kaye

Went to Sonar with Jenna, Lily, and Curtis last night to see Tim Kaye , except we got there at 9:30 and he had already finished. So we just hung out in the lounge for a few hours and played pool. Tim walked in the lounge briefly and said "hey" and that was that. Static X is playing at Sonar on Friday, and I may be there, if I can remember to get advanced tickets or tickets before they sell out. Seether and Crossfade are at Sonar on the 23rd, and I am definitely going to that show. Last time Crossfade was at Sonar, back in Feburary, I wound up playing pool with Eddie. That was fun. Well, I'm just waiting for time to pass until I can go pick up Jenna from work. I think I should stop blogging because this is starting to get boring. Oh yeah, one more thing, I put up a new logo, as you probably guessed. It's not supposed to amuse you, so if it does, I failed miserably.

Saudi Arabia a friend? I think not.

So the Saudi king dies and Bush calls Crown Prince Abdullah to express condolences and says called "Fahd 'a friend and ally of the United States for decades.'" A friend and ally? When 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were of Saudi citizens? Is that a friend? What did King Fahd do to controll his people? Nothing. The fucker did nothing. He's not a friend. He's an idiot. Burn in hell, King Fahd.