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When did Bush and McCain turn socialist?

What the hell is wrong with this country? Why must this country bail out failed companies. Those companies failed due to POOR BUSINESS PRACTICES. Let capitalism rule and let these companies tank. This is bullshit. We're officially a socialist country now. Thanks Bush. It's funny, the country won't bailout a homeowner who defaults on a shaddy home loan, but when corporations are at stake, we'll just throw money at those corporations like their fucking strippers at the Hustler club. This country is fucking socialist. Fuck the bailouts.

Sarah Palin wants to succeed from the Union

She actively supported Alaskan efforts to succeed from the Union. If you don't understand those words, she basically helped Alaska try to become it's own country. So we have someone running to be a Vice President of the USA, who really did not want to be a part of the USA. Don't believe me? Watch this video, and listen to her own words.

Reese Witherspoon


Second Installment of Gates And Seinfield Saga

Here is the second commercial with Seinfeld and Gates, although I still can't really grasp what product they are selling. But it's funny! read more | digg story

Palin Foreign Policy: War with Russia

NEWSLASH: Bimbo Palin wants war with Russia. read more | digg story

The Sarah Palin Chronicals: Sexy Bimbo Dolls

Just to prove that she is really just a stupid bimbo woman, she has now has a sexy doll . This is potentially your Vice President, America. Wake the fuck up, don't elect this bimbo.

New master switch found in brain that regulates appetite

Body weight and fertility have long known to be related to each other women who are too thin, for example, can have trouble becoming pregnant. Now, a master switch has been found in the brain of mice that controls both, and researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies say it may work the same way in humans. read more | digg story