Wednesday, February 26, 2003


I cannot think of something to blog about and having had a long entry in a couple of days now, so I feel I owe you all a good entry...I am just gonna tell you whatever comes to my mind...

God, this is hard. I really can't think of something...I'm fucking braindead right now. Um, the Redskins cut their best running, Stephen Davis...stupid salary celery cap. I wish Davis the best, unless he becomes a Dallas Cowboy. That will suck. Watch him run all over the skins then. Haha.

Some guy emailed me (posted his email in my forums) and he said he wanted me to join his cam portal...I did, but some of the people who joined are a little fucking weird. Oh well, I did it to drive new people to my site, get some fresh faces around here...not saying my current blog readers are dull and boring, but you know.

Duke sucks.

I just turned on the tv a few minutes ago and Bruce Willis is hosting The Late Show, gee, with Paul Schafer, it's just two bald men talking. What fun. Joy. Kidding, Bruce is pretty funny.

I'll never understand Mother Nature. One week she makes it snow over 2 feet, then next she drops 3 inches of rain on us, now she is giving us 6-12 inches of snow tomorrow afternoon thru friday morning. She's been a real prick this winter. What crawled up her ass?

My orioles site is comin along. Membership is still small, but it's the offseason, and I think once the season starts, it'll grow exponentially, being as it is the best orioles fan site ever concieved.

My female dog just walked in my room and sat down behind my chair. I just took her out, she better not want to go out. Great, now she is licking my leg and whimpering. She's barking now.

Just got back from taking the dogs out...again...the snow is really solid...there's like an inch and a half of powder on top of about 7 inches of packed ice, it's weird walking on it, I feel taller. I'm weird.

I'm also tired, so I'm gonna stop now and go to bed...well watch the discovery channel / TLC for an hour, hopefully there's a good special on ghosts or shit, then go to bed. What? Those channels rule. Shut up.

Monday, February 24, 2003

Weird Animals

Note: That does not say Weird Al.

zoe has a weird, neurotic cat, well I have a weird, neurotic dog, so there! And there's two of them!

Hope, the bitch

1. She absolutely must walk all the way down the long street in order to go poop. This get's frustrating right now, as everywhere you turn, there's ice. Don't bother her, paws can handle ice, so don't tell her to slow down at the sake of the guy holding the leash trying to keep his footing.

2. Everytime she goes out, comes back in, she expects a treat. Okay, maybe we had something to do with

3. She likes to sit under my computer desk, or under any computer desk. Sometimes she lays down there, sometimes not.

Chico, the dog

1. He can open any door that is open just a crack. I swear, the dog's nose is his hand. We call him needlenose because of this, as in the plyers, he's deaf, he don't mind.

2. He hates the rain. But he loves the snow.

3. When he first saw snow this winter, and went out in it, he kept stopping to lay down and lick his paws. Dufus! That just makes them colder! He learned. But he still hates rain. I swear, he must have the bladder of a camel.

They're weird and neurotic, but we still love 'em.

Friday, February 21, 2003

sleep paralysis

I saw this cool creepy porno documentary late last night very early this morning on the discovery channel before going to bed. It was about, you guess it, killer clowns from outer space sleep paralysis. Now, without getting too scholarly here, I'll just say I was really really horny freaked out. Never never watch fox news creepy shows before going to dennys bed. Just the thought of not being able to pee control myself and/or seeing a dead president demon/alien in your room is enough to make me leave the room and go poop hide under the covers.

I was kinda insulted amazed when the show said that it's not uncommon to have dreams where you can only run naked in slow-mo or can't speak at the public library above a whisper, and when they mentioned that sometimes the male reproductive organ inner ear produces hot hot mind sex ping or beep like noises as sleep is setting in, I was dead dumbfounded. That happens two to me all the time! But I have never married a cartoon had sleep paralysis, have any of you?

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Did you buy a cd between 1995-2000?

If so, then file a claim here in a class action lawsuit against the music industry. What, are we to believe that it costs $18.99 to make a cd?!

Saturday, February 15, 2003

Oddly amusing

One of my search referrals indirectly led me to this page. *sigh*, even the canines are being named after that two-timin 17th century loser (not the 21st century one, hehe). ;-)

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Hate Mail

Guess people don't seem to like my opinion of the Michael Jackson interview...guy calls himself "carlton"...
are you for real? he even admitted to sleeping in the same bed as children. he settled a lawsuit for over $15 m for pedophilia.

if someone will lie about something as benign as plastic surgery, and in his own words he called it trivial ( remember the whole skin color thing?), what else is he lying about? you are very naive. you will unfortunately have a horrible reality check someday, and no im not talking about michael jackson.

oh, yeah. what 'slick production techniques' are you talking about. an editing suite cannot puts words in a subjects mouth. he wasn't digitally created then voiced over to say those sick things! he said them himself you dumb dumb. you're a wacko! you rhyme with jacko, wacko jacko!

Excuse me, did you even read my entry? Sleep does NOT equal sex. Let's say that again. Sleep ≠ Sex. So what that he settled a lawsuit dealing with pedophilia. In this country, we are innocent until PROVEN guilty (except if your name is OJ Simpson, but that's another rant). MJ was never proven guilty. The reason it didn't go to trial and the reason that the whole thing started is become some greedy kid and his mother wanted to exploit a rich man, who they knew "loves children". They saw it as a get rich quick scheme...and it worked, because who in their right mind, would want to go to court defending theirself against child molestation charges? Especially when they know that, no matter the verdict, it will stay with them their entire life.

Look, I'm NOT condoning pedophilia or sleeping with children that are not your own, but c'mon, just the act of sharing a bed with a child is not a crime. Maybe it should be, but right now, it ISN'T. Don't prosecute people based on laws that do not exist. That is UN-AMERICAN.

Call me naive all you want, I could care less.

"he said them himself you dumb dumb. you're a wacko! you rhyme with jacko, wacko"

What are you, a middle schooler?

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

The Golden Schmoes

Favorite Movie of the Year: Bowling for Columbine
Worst Movie of the Year: Men in Black 2
Best Director of the Year: Martin Scorsese
Best Screenplay of the Year: Frailty
Most Overrated Movie of the Year: Spider-Man
Most Underrated Movie of the Year: The Rules of Attraction
Trippiest Movie of the Year: The Rules of Attraction
Best Comedy of the Year: Orange County
Best Horror Movie of the Year: The Ring
Best Animated Movie of the Year: Ice Age
Best Sci-Fi Movie of the Year: Minority Report
Best Special Effects of the Year: The Two Towers
Biggest Disappointment of the Year: Windtalkers
Biggest Surprise of the Year: My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Best Actor of the Year: Daniel Day Lewis
Best Actress of the Year: Naomi Watts
Best Supporting Actor of the Year: Paul Newman
Best Supporting Actress of the Year: Emily Watson
Breakthrough Performance of the Year: Eminem
Favorite Celebrity of the Year: Colin Farrell
Coolest Character(s) of the Year: Frank Abagnale
Best Music in a Movie: Catch Me If You Can
Favorite Movie Poster of the Year: The Rules of Attraction
Best Trailer of the Year: The Ring
Best DVD of the Year: Back to the Future
Best Action Sequence of the Year: The Bourne Identity
Most Memorable Scene in a Movie : The Ring
Best tits and ass of the Year: Milla Jovovich
Best Line of the Year: Catch Me If You Can

Go vote for your favorites, and post the results in the comments, I am curious!

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Don't buy the hype

I just read this article about student loans and how the majority of 22 year olds (hehe, not me!!!) end college with massive debts and they can't afford jack schitt with ther e $2000/month paycheck after rent and interest payments. I don't care. I am laughing. The obsession this nation has with a fucking peice of paper is ridiculous. I'm not saying it's bad to go to MIT or Yale but c'mon, no peice of paper is worth 80 fucking grand. And that's just the cost of 1.5 semesters at those schools. I know that for a fact, as one of my friends goes to MIT, she and her parents pay roughly 50 fucking grand for each semester.

College is just a waste of time and money. You don't need to pay to sit in a class where the guy up in front doesn't care about you, as there's 500 students in the class. All thru college you will be told that learning happens on your own, and that the faculty is just there to "guide" you. Well, I've got news for you. You can learn by yourself without spending 50 grand a semester by not leaving your parents at age 18 and enrolling at your local community college. Don't fucking give me this garbage that those schools are second rate. The class sizes are smaller and thus the faculty has more time to spend with students. Face it, it's what high school should have been.

Anyhoo, don't think that just because you party your way thru an expensive 4 year school and somehow acquired enough credits to graduate, that you'll actually be a better person or get a higher paying job. You just may be surprised that you lost out to someone who spent the last four years not being stressed out and chased by creditors, but by enjoying life on his/her own pace and teaching themselves everything.

Learning never stops, yet college does, what does that tell you? Don't waste your time and money, you'll have to learn on your own eventually, why not start sooner?

Monday, February 10, 2003

they never learn

You would really think that after thousands upon thousands of years, sperm wouldn't fall for the old jerkin thang. I mean, they gotta know it's a false alarm! Come on boys, show your inteligence!

Renuited again

I found an old friend today, my nice and comfy sweat pants. Where were they hidin out? In the back of my bottom drawer, of course! I was so excited (and tired), I instantly tore of my jeans and put them on! Sweat pants rule!

Saturday, February 8, 2003

Darkness Falls

This is terrible. I don't know how I can say that any more bluntly. Don't see this. It's predictable. It's bland. The dialogue is lame and corny, and not in the good popkorny kind of way. But most of all, I wasn't scared. Of course, it being predictable had something to do with that. The movie just didn't make sense. I mean, first it says that "Matilda" goes after kids once they loose their last tooth, but then she starts going after everybody and it becomes just another slasher movie. Please avoid this at all costs and see Final Destination 2, that movie at least keeps you on the edge of your seat. You don't know when the characters are going to die, Final Destination 2 hides the deaths much better than the first one did. In the first one, you knew when people would die, but not in the second one. Anyhoo, don't see Darkness Falls. Unless you missed that lobotomy appointment of yours.

Recipe for Sex Making

This is hilarious. Thanks Zooky!

Friday, February 7, 2003

new and improved!

porn now available for the vision impared!

the Michael Jackson interview

Okay, I have to post my two-cents on this. I'm pretty conflicted here...I've always liked his early work, and even some of his recent, well only as recent as the "Scream" album, but I have been a pretty big detractor of his personal life, look, whatnot. I never realized how bad I have treated him, well treated meaning talking about him, not like I've met him! That would be cool, even tho he is a bit ecentric.

Thursday, February 6, 2003

the devil

Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld

hehe, he's a secretary.

So, my assignment for you, have some fun and photoshop this, post your creation in the comments. :-)

Monday, February 3, 2003

Two Big Rants-- money related

1. Why do I get taxed twice on the same money? I have had mutual funds my entire life, for college, but I haven't used any of them...except last semester I took some money out of one, but just a little bit. Now I pay taxes on the dividends I earn on those funds, okay, I'm fine with that, but if I transfer those funds to my checking or savings accound, I also owe taxes on that amount of money, not just the interest that money earns me. It feels like the federal government likes fucking it's citizens up the ass twice. Once is enough. (Wait...what did I say?) Seriously, I have no problem with taxes, but when I pay taxes twice on the same money, I get pissed.

2. Banks not cashing checks right away. Is this even necessary? Why can't checks be cashed IMMEDIATELY? It's all electronic, they have no excuse. They're hanging on to some rule that existed before electronic banking, way back in the 40s or something, when checks had to be mailed to be cashed. But in today's day and age, it is NOT necessary. Cash them right away you old skool bastards. Don't hold on to my money. Geez...

I did sign up for direct deposit recently at work, but that takes 2-3 pay periods to process...again why? It's electronic! It should be instantaneous!

Sunday, February 2, 2003

Final Destination 2

Ah, gotta love them sequels, eh? I had such little expectations for this, but I really was not in an Al Pacino mood...(when am I ever?), so I saw this saturday night. Saturday night means that you sit amongst teenagers who don't know how to shut up. But aside all this, I rather enjoyed the film. Sure, the plot was EXACTLY the same. Sure, there was some downright attrocious acting, but the sole purpose this film was made was to offer up some cheap thrills. It did that. More so than the first movie. The effects are better, and the death sequences are more gruesome. I felt that it also added more insight to "Death's design" or whatever you want to call it. The plot is the same as the first, because guess what, the rip in death's design from the first movie was never closed, and Clear Rivers realizes in this one that what happened to them a year ago, has actually affected more people. Every moment they've been alive, they've been changing the routine of people's lives. I hated the first one, because it tried to be something it wasn't. It's not an intelligent thriller, stuff like this couldn't ever happen, it's a thriller in the only sense that it thrills people. They got it right this time. The plot is always going to be weak in stories like this. I want to see blood. I want to squirm in my seat and watch people get-- nah, I don't wanna ruin it for you. Go see this on the BIG screen, the effects (some of the best road ones of all time) will look like crap on a small one, then you'll be left with just the plot. Not fun.

If any of you have seen it, comment, let's dicuss...what the most gruesome death sequence is!

Saturday, February 1, 2003

Not a nice fucking way to wake up

columbia explodes in re-entry

My heart goes out to the relatives of the men and women takes a lot of guts to do what they do, knowing that what happened today is always a possibility, if that's not true courage, I don't know what is. Rest in peace.