Sunday, February 2, 2003

Final Destination 2

Ah, gotta love them sequels, eh? I had such little expectations for this, but I really was not in an Al Pacino mood...(when am I ever?), so I saw this saturday night. Saturday night means that you sit amongst teenagers who don't know how to shut up. But aside all this, I rather enjoyed the film. Sure, the plot was EXACTLY the same. Sure, there was some downright attrocious acting, but the sole purpose this film was made was to offer up some cheap thrills. It did that. More so than the first movie. The effects are better, and the death sequences are more gruesome. I felt that it also added more insight to "Death's design" or whatever you want to call it. The plot is the same as the first, because guess what, the rip in death's design from the first movie was never closed, and Clear Rivers realizes in this one that what happened to them a year ago, has actually affected more people. Every moment they've been alive, they've been changing the routine of people's lives. I hated the first one, because it tried to be something it wasn't. It's not an intelligent thriller, stuff like this couldn't ever happen, it's a thriller in the only sense that it thrills people. They got it right this time. The plot is always going to be weak in stories like this. I want to see blood. I want to squirm in my seat and watch people get-- nah, I don't wanna ruin it for you. Go see this on the BIG screen, the effects (some of the best road ones of all time) will look like crap on a small one, then you'll be left with just the plot. Not fun.

If any of you have seen it, comment, let's dicuss...what the most gruesome death sequence is!

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