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Dammit, you mean this isn't one of them?!

Saudis blocking 2000+ websites What do you all think about this?

Top 10 Reasons Zoe is Cool

CUT to Paul Shaffer and CBS orchestra and the Top 10 animated intro, then CUT back to Dave 10. Her website is hosted by AngelFire! If that name isn't catchy and cool, I don't know what is. 9. She blogs a lot. 8. She lives in Hawaii. She may not like it, but I kinda think it's cool. She gets to see Volcano's up close and personal! 7. She used to live in Idaho. So did my dad, so that must be cool. 6. She reads my blog. 5. She isn't ugly. 4. She was the first to wish me a very happy 22nd birthday. She beat my own mother to that. Damn. 3. She does all her HTML coding in notepad. 2. She uses an alias on the Internet. and the #1 reason Zoe is cool... 1. Her alias is 'Zoe'.

The Movie Combo Game

I was bored and started combining movie titles and descripitions, and here's what I have come up with so far. Feel free to comment and leave your own! 12 Angry Monkeys - 12 Jurors decide whether or not the world will end in '97 and whether bruce willis is a better actor than tony danza. The Never Ending Toy Story - Sebastian plays hookie with Andy and some toys. The Never Ending West Side Story - Sebastian finds himself in the middle of gangs wars and only Falcor can save him. Doc Hollywood Ending - A young doctor causes a traffic accident in a small town and is forced to produce a movie that's being made by a has-been blind director. Son of The Aviator - The mask returns again to haunt an aviator! Finding Jurassic Park - A little red fish swims to Jurassic Park and becomes lost. His fishy friends have to find him, but first they have to find the park! Home Alone: Independance Day - Kevin is left home alone on the same weekend aliens invade the planet. Bill Pullman guest st

Clinton = Good; Bush = Bad

Very interesting read courtesy of fark . I think it's quite obvious that the economic boom of the 1990's is the doing of President Clinton and Alan Greenspan, not Papa Bush. When pappy was in office, the unemployment rate was thru the roof and the markets were their lowest in years...but Bush's biggest blunder was not taking out Saddam. We were practically on top of Baghdad and could have taken the dumbfuck out, but oh no, papa bushie cared more about his oil money. Now to junior. If he's supposed to be so good for business, then why have we had the two biggest bankruptcy cases ever? Answer: Republicans are greedy, they only care about money. Not really news, but what the hell. I have this feeling I have blogged about this before, but I am too tired to care. Goodnight all!

Isn't this cute?

I saw this at, no particular blog, it was just on that site.

Best Buy Sucks

Okay, here's what happened. I go to Blockbuster to rent Roger Avary's "Killing Zoe", and they don't have it. So I'm like no big deal, I'll buy it. Lots of people like this movie, so I'll take the chance that I will too. I go to Best Buy. I have no problem finding this film. But there's one condition. One very asinine condition. The only way to buy this film is to buy the incredibly horrible film "The Way of the Gun". I know this cannot be. So I look and look for what seems like hours-- probably only 15 minutes, but that's ample time for a 4-row DVD section. Hey, it's not like I had to scale the Great Wall of China. So, I'm bouncing between the aisles. I'm pissed and I'm looking for the single. I notice a blue-shirted-pseudo-intelligent employee and inform him of my dilemma. All he says is to try Customer Service. So off I go. Luckily, there's no line. (Which might say something about the quality of Best Buy's s


I find it kinda ironic that under his tenure as Prez, two of the largest companies in the country declared bankruptcy. I mean one, can just be a coincidence but two is just plain freaky. Oooh and lets not forget K-Mart (whats the K stand for?), they almost went under, well for me they did, since my local K-Mart closed up shop. Good riddance. It sucked anyway. I want a walmart god dammit. Anyhow, back to Bush, he's supposed to be corporation friendly! Okay, so maybe it's not his fault, but then how do you explain how that not long after he took office, the economy started going to shit? And it started going downhill before the horifific events of 9/11, so how do you explain that? Ah, fuck it. Republicans suck...and democrats blow. That just about sums up all these questions...except for the one about K-Mart. What the heck does the K mean?

Anything Goes

I made a short film for my video class last fall (2001), I sent it to to get feedback from people I don't know. Hey, of course I love it when my mom says my work is great, but I want a stranger to say that to me. :-) update 4/17/2023 fuck youtube here it is Anything Goes! update: 3/22/08 it's on YouTube now! Anything Goes

100 Things about me

Get to know me better, I don't bite...hard. ;-) [this list is constantly updated, so the date and time are only for when this post was first created]

Target Sucks

Well United Artists isn't hiring so I continued my search for a second job today. I applied to BJ's Wholesale Club and Target. I already know I didn't get the latter one. Target sucks and their electronic application thingee is a peice of garbage. You can hardly see the lettering on the keys and even if you can, you have to hit them more than once for the damn thing to even respond. I noticed they had a sign that said "target gives 5% of its profits to charity every week". Gee, how nice. Why don't they just say "Target keeps 95% of its profits each week". 5% percent may be generous, but they could do better, but hey, maybe if they made it 4% they could afford to get some quality "electric applications". Anyhoo, after that I picked up some applications to Borders, CompUSA, and Bed Bath and Beyond-- I am so not interested in that last one, but hey beggers can't be choosers, right?

K19: The Widowmaker

Just got back from seeing this and it's awesome! Well, except for the bad Russian accents, but that doesn't really matter. This is a kick ass submarine movie about honor and courage...and it's based on a true story, a story that couldn't be told until nearly 30 years after the fact. Check this one out. It's a keeper. Read this review and others @

Reign of Fire

I just got back from seeing "Reign of Fire", and I kinda enjoyed it. The plot and character developement was lacking, but all in all, I was entertained, and isn't this why we watch movies? To be entertained? I think so. Now, I also like movies that make you think and all, but sometimes I just want to turn off my brain and stare at a huge silver screen for a couple hours. On to the movie. The movie stars a Texan and a Brit. Matty McCau...ah fuck it, I can't spell his fucking name...and Christian Bale, who I like better because I can actually spell his name. Well it takes place in 2020, about 20 years after Dragons took over the planet, and force every military to use Nuclear (thats nu-cle-ar) weapons and thus destroying everything beauftiful. So these dragons, they breathe fire, and they're little pyro's I tells ya. Okay, that's enough plot. (probably what the writer said to, lol) Overall I liked it. It was fun to watch and had some cool scenes. Do I recomm

Road to Perdition

Saw Cool Movie and No More Webcam (for awhile) I finally saw Road to Perdition today! Tom Hanks can do no wrong. It's so hard to believe that he's the same person who once stood naked in a fish tank and shouted "I am not a fish!". Check out and read my capsule review of it (it may not be up yet, so don't fret). There's some cool shots, hell the whole movie is made up of only cool shots. Don't miss this one. Now, to the webcam. I am letting my uncle take my camcorder to the family reunion. What does this have to do with a webcam? Well, my camcorder is my webcam, silly. So that'll suck...for a little more than a week, I think. Don't forget to vote for me!

Skeletor is gay

How many of y'all used to watch He-Man? Don't you think that He-Man's nemesis, Skeletor was gay? I mean, how blatantly gay could someone be! Just look at him: Who wears clothes like that?! Not to mention he looks mighty constipated in that pic, lol. Here he is looking constipated again, sitting in his gay chair: Here he is looking gay-as-in-happy: And the final image, he actually looks gay as in homo:

Apparently, like Homer Simpson...

Apparently, like Homer Simpson, I too am a big hit in Japan Yes, Homer has Mr. Sparkle, and I have this .

Whoa, Nellie!

Whoa, Nellie! Today I will blog about cheese. It was Kevin's idea really, he must be hungry...anyhoo cheese is good. Blue cheese is the best, I have to say. That's right, Kevin is holding a hammer and is threatening to hit me if I don't blog about cheese. Okay, no he's not...but he does have a hammer. Okay, somebody slap me. *snaps out of it* Whoa, Nellie! Why did you hit me?! What? I was being stupid? You're stupid. No, don't go. I didn't mean it. Don't go! Ah, nuts... *Snaps out of it again, thanks to the help of Mr. T* So, if you haven't guessed it, I am pretty bored. I am waiting for my friend to get back so I can tell him all the shiat he needs to pickup for the patio ( he has a truck and I don't). So I am waiting here talking about cheese...which was Kevin's idea. Lata! Worst. Blog. Ever.

Men in Black 2

Just saw Men in Black 2 , and it's good...unless you like recycled crap, because that's all this is--okay, there are one, maybe two funny parts, but the vast majority is incredibily korny. The Tagline for this movie is "Same Planet, New Scum". Yes, that basically sums up this film's story in a nutshell. Same movie, more dumb. So, Skip this movie, don't rent it when it comes out, and change the channel when it comes on FOX . What a waste of money, and good actors. Read this review and others @

Twin Terrors on the Twenty

Have you seen this yet? It's is SO FRIGGIN CREEPY!

Duke Nukem rules

Duke Nukem rules "It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum...and I'm all outta gum." I played this all the time from '96-'98. I loved it. I bought the expansion packs, Atomic edition and Duke it out in DC, and the most fun of it all, I built tons of usermaps (levels designed by users)...actually it was more like 5 or 6. But acouple of them were really huge. That was the best part of the game...the program called "Build" that came with it. I was planning on making a whole set of levels that take place in Columbia, MD, but never got around to it. I don't even think I have those levels anymore. It makes me wanna cry...I spent sooooo much time on them. I might have some on some backup disk somewhere, but they're not what they used to be. I think I lost the majority of them during one of the numerous times I had to format my old computer. Duke Nukem rules. I loved playing the "Stadium" level in dukematch (modem game). Ah, the days of di