Monday, July 22, 2002

Anything Goes

I made a short film for my video class last fall (2001), I sent it to to get feedback from people I don't know. Hey, of course I love it when my mom says my work is great, but I want a stranger to say that to me. :-)

update 4/17/2023
fuck youtube
here it is

update: 3/22/08
it's on YouTube now!

Anything Goes

Anything Goes FAQs

WHY was it shot?

I shot this for school. Didn't have much money so I looked around my house for things I could use as props. I had a leather jacket, a brown cowboy-style hat, so an Indiana Jones story seemed to fit perfectly...and I'm also a huge fan of the series. I did pay my actors, because they were also my production assistants (even the kids). Corey, Michael, and Steven each got around 20 bucks, and the rest got 5 or less. Yeah, I'm pretty nice.

HOW was it shot?

It was shot with a Canon GL1, however, Canon has since upgraded it to gee I wonder, the GL2. But it's still pretty much the same camera.

WHAT was used to edit it?

I used iMovie. Don't knock it. It's better than any video editing software for the PC...except Adobe Premiere, but that's also for Macs, so that doesn't really count.

WHERE was it shot?

In the heart of America, the Perfect City: Columbia, Maryland.

WHAT is it about?

It's a spoof of the Indiana Jones films. Check it out.

IS it funny?

Well I think so, but that's up to you guys.

WHO is in it?

Nobody you guys would know; just two people I know. Michael Cale and Corey Loftus.

HOW long did it take to shoot?

It was shot over two weekends. Could've just been one, but it's unbelievably difficult to get people, who're not actors, to free up their schedule for an entire day. You wanna just say FUCK THIS!

WHO hosts the movie?

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