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Why do people steal?

I came into work today to find that my store had been broken into for the second time in 3 months. Why? Let's excuse the obvious fact that it's pointless to steal a CDMA phone, since all I have to do is report it stolen and it's just a fancy paperweight.. but why do people steal? Can't people just get a fucking job and go out and buy what they want. Fucking crackhead hood rats. Don't give me this shit how society is against them, that they need to do this to feed themselves or their welfare children. That's bullshit. Get a fucking job.

President Bush Booed.


Obama has 10-point lead over Clinton -- largest this year

Latest Gallop poll: Obama 52% - Hillary 42% It's over. read more | digg story

Mr. T brought boy out of coma

"Former The A-Team star Mr. T once stunned a sick child's family by bringing him out of a coma - after doctors begged the actor for help." Not sure what prompted doctors to beg Mr. T, but I guess he pitted the fool out of the coma. read more | digg story

Who To Vote For... Obama Cousin To Pitt; Clinton To Jolie

Obama is related to several US Presidents, and can also throw in VP Dick Cheney and General Robert E. Lee. Sweet Jesus. read more | digg story

Chuck Hagel: Obama Can Unite Us!

Sen. Chuck Hagel (R) has all but endorsed Obama. Saying he's the only candidate to unite the country. He will probably wind up endorsing Obama, and join the other republicans who have done so, because as Barack has said, there's no red states, blue states, it's the United States of America. read more | digg story

Obama Posts All Tax Returns on the Internet.

Obama has just sent a clear message to Hillary. read more | digg story

Links for Today

We all know a few sites that are meaningless, , , and of course this site... but here's a few more... All these links are safe for work. - Yes, you guessed it, it's just pictures of things that might go quack. - A movie wasn't enough, now there is a website about purple. - If you forget if it's Tuesday or not. I'm gonna check back tomorrow to see if it says "Yes". - a stupid button game. - Your guess is as good as mine. and lastly, my favorite of the bunch: -- Go ahead, try to get him to sit.

The US is Choking on Debt

There is a marked difference between economic growth and debt-induced demand. Instead of letting the market take its medicine and enter recession in 2001, the powers that be injected fiscal and monetary drugs to dull the pain and induce stock gains. Yeah, and I say... so what? We're still alive and kicking. That's all that matters. Money isn't important. Who gives a shit about debt. read more | digg story But check out this chart. The national debt has risen under republican presidents, not democratic presidents....not like it matters much. national debt Now tell me why democrats are bigger spenders than republicans? Just for the sake of argument...

It's okay to lie.

If it's your resume . Sweet! Thanks, CNN.

Your Easter Moment of Zen

The owner of some blog got a PowerBook and an XBox stolen by some redbeck kid... so what's a guy to do when the police don't do anything? Post all the information you can on the punk kid that robbed you. Phone numbers, pictures, post the URL to his myspace, etc. So here is your Easter 2008 Moment of Zen... idiot.mp3 Here's more info if you are curious...

Crazy Ron Paul

Watch this hilarious video.

Rev. Wright: White House Guest of Clinton

Barack Obama is guilty by association because he knows Rev. Wright (who I just proved isn't even racist)? Rev. Wright was invited to the White House by Bill Clinton, and yes, Hillary was there too. So Hillary is in no higher position than Barack. BUT WAIT! There's more! John McCain has associated with Rev. Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, John Hagge, the list goes on. So nobody has room to fucking brag. The point? Shut the fuck up and talk about how to end the war in Iraq. read more | digg story

CNN, MSNBC LIED! see Rev. Wright's '9/11' comment in context

Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC are all fucking liars. They took Rev Wright out of context. He's no racist. He was actually quoting a white ambassador. For shame on big media. For shame. read more | digg story

MIKE HUCKABEE Defends Obama, & Rev. Wright!

"he made the point, and I think it's a valid one, that you can't hold the candidate responsible for everything that people around him may say or do. You just can't -- whether it's me, whether it's Obama, anybody else." --Mike Huckabee Couldn't have said it better, Mr. Bee. read more | digg story

Business owners want officer reinstated.

Remember the Baltimore cop awhile back who got filmed abusing a teenager who was skateboarding in the inner harbor of Baltimore? Well, business owners want him reinstated. He had every right to yell at the kids to stop. He had every right to call their parents. He still didn't have any right to body-slam somebody half his size. Police officers are taught equal force, but this officer obviously didn't get the fucking memo. I know Julia and Empyrean would agree on this.

It's over! 700MHz spectrum auction tops $19.5 billion

Oh I cannot wait to see if Google won this. If they did it'll change the face of the cell phone industry as well as the wireless internet industry. Intriguing. But I bet at&t or Verizon outbid them. read more | digg story

Merril Bainbridge - Mouth

I heard this song on the radio a few nights ago and it instantly took me back to the mid 90s. I guess that's a good thing. I love this song. Well, here's the video:

ATTN: Super Delegates!

Please pick the nominee. I'm tired of waiting. Thank you, Bozzy

Miss Maryland!!


Comments are open

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Tracy Morgan on SNL Weekend Update

You have to watch this.

Oh yeah.

I got promoted. I'm awesome.

Student disciplined after stopping out-of-control school bus

No good deed goes unpunished... read more

Just so you know.

Scientology is NOT a religion. It's a business. Glad we're clear. Don't want anybody claiming otherwise.

You know, it's quite funny.

I love how some people are gonna highlight the fact that Barack Obama's middle name is Hussein, and then call him a racist. The hypocrisy is astounding.


We finally got the Voyager in stock. Yippee. It's a been pretty warm lately. Winter's almost over. Not like it was really that cold this year and we got a whopping 4 inches of snow all season, but I am ready for the warmer weather. Remember, I work in a mall and the summer brings out all the scantily clad females!!! Oh yeah, I have the T-Mobile Dash now. My Motorola v195 snapped in half a week ago, and my friend gave me his old phone (a Dash in good condition) for a nominal price. Cool. I still can't wait til Dec 10th to switch to Verizon. I gotta go! Peace, In the middle east.

My World!! The Video

Check out the new 7 Days Torn music video. Now go to 7 Days Torn's official website and listen to their new songs, My World , Letting Go , and their newest Dearly Departed !

Why Is Prostitution Illegal?

The oldest question about the oldest profession. read more | digg story

Ride the Bitchcruiser Bike

This is fucking awesome.

Sheep leads police on high-speed chase

If the wool won't fit, you must acquit. read more | digg story

Mambo #5

I'm going to apologize in advance...

FOXNews Lists Why Spying on 300 Million People is Worth It

The spying is for our protection! Yeah, right. "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." -Benjamin Franklin read more | digg story

Fucking daylight savings time.

So last night I was doing what you all expect I do everynight... fiddling around with my blog. It was around 2am and I was thinking about finally getting some rest when I looked at the clock one more time and it said it was 3:17am. I instantly thought I lost time, and it wasn't until I went into another room and noticed the other clocks that changed. This is bullshit. Daylight savings time is a crock of shit designed because politicians in Washington have too much time and don't know how to spend their nights when their days are spent accusing baseball players of using steroids.

It'll be on time, we swear

This isn't exactly news, it's from December, but I just saw it, and since I have no life and spend way too much online and see everything, chances are a few other people didn't see it as anyway, it's been a year since I posted about this, but can it really be true? Is Duke Nukem Forever really about to be released ? I've been waiting for this since I was still in high school.

The Big Lebowski: The Fucking Short Version!

The Wicked Witch of the West

I'm sorry, but it's so uncanny I just had to. Barack Obama will be the democratic nominee, because he's more in tune to the issues people care about than Hillary Clinton is... that and he's a man. I just don't think America is ready for a Woman President.

Giant Tree Tomato

I saw an infomercial on the tv last night for this. It almost makes me wish I didn't live in an apartment. Amazing Super-Species Looks Like A Fruit Tree Produces Bushels of Tomato Clusters Summer to Fall Basket after basket of juicy mouthwatering beauties up to 2 pounds each... so delicious, so succulent, just one sliced up tree tomato covers an entire slice of bread! A super-growing tree that z-o-o-m-s high as a man IN JUST 3 MONTHS! A New Crop Of Farm-Fresh Tomatoes Each Week Yours To Feast On For About A Penny A Piece! A living tomato factory so desperate to produce that for every tomato you pick one week, two more seem to jump forth to take its place. Grow In Yard As A Garden Wonder...Or As A Patio Showpiece! Non-Stop Fruit All Season Long! Supplies Are Limited - Make Sure You Do Not Miss Out - ACT NOW!