Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Okay i know what your thinking

I started this blog back in 2002. Originally, I had my own domain and my own webhost but became less active and eventually I just decided to host it all on Blogger for free. I see that the new owner of is some asian kid. Whatever. Anyhoo, I had my domain point to this place at first but then forgot failed decided to not renew it and just came up with "I know a girl from Baltimore" for the url. So what's with this girl from Baltimore that I know? It’s no one really.Well could be a few people, but I digress. It’s just a scene from a movie that I like...

That's all folks.

Btw, also used to have a discussion forum as well, but gave that up. Trying to start it back up but on reddit! Head over to r/unruly and say hi.