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Everybody should wear a flag pin... except me.

If you're gonna criticize someone for not wearing a flag pin, please remember to wear one yourself.

What's this about Joe's daughter?

I received an interesting email from Walt Stoneburner who apparently thinks my name is Joe or John Bozzay. Read on... Joe / John, Marcus and I are going over his tasks this evening, and it is very apparent to me that we've got more on his plate than one person can realistically handle. The developers are clearly swamped in last minute fixes, and I'm personally concerned we don't have enough face time in testing. It is not enough to just take 30 minutes a day to test. It is fantasy to expect to test the software into a state of repair -- developers need to fix stuff, and they can't do that if they are testing. And they can't test if they are fixing. Joe's daughter is a very good, parallel, solution. Can we get her in, interview her, and move on it quickly? As in tomorrow. Marcus and/or I can task her so that both Marcus and her are completely engaged in testing. We have three tracks: the demo path, the bugs in TRAC, and documented tests. Marcus being the sole bo

Muslims upset by Doritos

Here's a tip if you are ever upset by Doritos: Don't eat them. Read more...


Attention ladies... if you are 21+, cute, have an outgoing personality, and wanna make some extra money in your spare time, let me know. Thank you for your time.

Super what?

If Barack Obama wins the most pledged delegates (I.E. The Will of the People) and super delegates decide the election and give Hillary Clinton the edge , then you can fairly say that it was Hillary Clinton who singlehandedly destroyed the democratic party and our nation.

Verizon offers Unlimited Everything

Starting on Tuesday the 19th, Verizon will offer an unlimited everything $99/month plan. Sound like a lot of money? Look at the prices of the other carriers, most notably at&t and Sprint. Much cheaper! Sweet deal. read more | digg story

Holy Crap

How the fuck did it take me this long to see The Notebook ? Best love story ever.

Baltimore cop molests a child

Don't worry, the officer is suspended with pay.

A Zorn in the Side of the East

Jim Zorn is the new coach of the Washington Redskins.

Republicans for Obama!

That's right, Obama is transcending all parties. read more | digg story