Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Skeletor is gay

How many of y'all used to watch He-Man?

Don't you think that He-Man's nemesis, Skeletor was gay? I mean, how blatantly gay could someone be! Just look at him:

Who wears clothes like that?! Not to mention he looks mighty constipated in that pic, lol.

Here he is looking constipated again, sitting in his gay chair:

Here he is looking gay-as-in-happy:

And the final image, he actually looks gay as in homo:

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  1. Bjˆrn Br‰ndewallAugust 2, 2003 at 12:04 PM

    I think a LOT of characters in that series were full of gay inuendo. Let's take the main character for example:

    Prince Adam, with his feminine haircut, prances around all day in light-purple tights, purple fur-briefs and a pink vest. But at night... he goes out and assumes his secret identity... a tanned, half-naked macho muscle man! (Still in fur briefs, but brown this time.) I mean, what kind of kinky stuff is he preparing for? But wait, there's more! As he transforms (or "comes out"), he points his phallic weapon (sword) at Cringer, and SHOOTS. WHITE. BLASTS. at him. Which makes Cringer GROW and become BRAVER. Also, he gets a SADDLE so He-Man can RIDE him. Gay enough for you? ;)

    There's more to find if you look at some other characters.

    Considering that this series was created in the early eighties, when America was in the middle of the "gay plauge" (AIDS) hystery, I think it's remarkable that they let this slip through the censors.

    (Note: having said this, I still think He-Man was a fun series and I have nothing against gay people.)

    (Note 2: I'm omitting my e-mail adress to avoid spam robots, but my address is: "bjorn AT nisch DOT com")