Monday, July 22, 2002


I find it kinda ironic that under his tenure as Prez, two of the largest companies in the country declared bankruptcy. I mean one, can just be a coincidence but two is just plain freaky. Oooh and lets not forget K-Mart (whats the K stand for?), they almost went under, well for me they did, since my local K-Mart closed up shop. Good riddance. It sucked anyway. I want a walmart god dammit. Anyhow, back to Bush, he's supposed to be corporation friendly! Okay, so maybe it's not his fault, but then how do you explain how that not long after he took office, the economy started going to shit? And it started going downhill before the horifific events of 9/11, so how do you explain that? Ah, fuck it. Republicans suck...and democrats blow. That just about sums up all these questions...except for the one about K-Mart. What the heck does the K mean?


  1. 9-11 was planned long before any terroists knew who was going to be in office. You can't blame my cousin (5th once removed...) :) lol

  2. Oh I know that, I wasn't talking about 9/11. I just said that the economy was bad in the months before 9/11.