The Movie Combo Game

I was bored and started combining movie titles and descripitions, and here's what I have come up with so far. Feel free to comment and leave your own!

12 Angry Monkeys - 12 Jurors decide whether or not the world will end in '97
and whether bruce willis is a better actor than tony danza.

The Never Ending Toy Story - Sebastian plays hookie with Andy and some toys.

The Never Ending West Side Story - Sebastian finds himself in the middle of
gangs wars and only Falcor can save him.

Doc Hollywood Ending - A young doctor causes a traffic accident in a small
town and is forced to produce a movie that's being made by a has-been blind

Son of The Aviator - The mask returns again to haunt an aviator!

Finding Jurassic Park - A little red fish swims to Jurassic Park and becomes lost. His fishy friends have to find him, but first they have to find the park!

Home Alone: Independance Day - Kevin is left home alone on the same weekend aliens invade the planet. Bill Pullman guest stars.

Dances with Pretty Woman - A soldier who leaves battle during the civil war befriends some native americans and Julia Roberts.

Bringing Down the Man of the House - Two choices: A) When a lonely guy (Martin) meets a woman (Latifah) on the Internet who happens to be in prison, she breaks out to be with him, accidently kills a man and Tommy Lee Jones stars as a Texas Ranger who must protect a group of cheerleaders who have witnessed the murder. Or B) When a lonely guy (Martin) meets a woman (Latifah) on the Internet who happens to be in prison, she breaks out to be with him, and Jonathan Taylor Thomas is upset that his mom found another man.

American Beauty Outlaws Pie - Man goes through a mid-life crisis, robs a bank, and sticks his penis in a pie.

Scream Every Which Way But Loose - Clint Eastwood must destroy a psychopathic killer who is stalking teens, and he must also put David Arquette out of his misery.

Gone in Nine to Five - Nick Cage and Giovanni Ribisi are two brothers are hired by Jane Fonda to steal her bosses car because he's a sexist pig.

Any good?


  1. why would you bring repressed memories back of that movie??

  2. wait, which movie are you talking about?

  3. Those are good! Here's one that's the story of my life..

    Party Girl Interrupted - Gen X fag hag's library aspirations are thwarted by madness


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