Top 10 Reasons Zoe is Cool

CUT to Paul Shaffer and CBS orchestra and the Top 10 animated intro, then CUT back to Dave

10. Her website is hosted by AngelFire! If that name isn't catchy and cool, I don't know what is.

9. She blogs a lot.

8. She lives in Hawaii. She may not like it, but I kinda think it's cool. She gets to see Volcano's up close and personal!

7. She used to live in Idaho. So did my dad, so that must be cool.

6. She reads my blog.

5. She isn't ugly.

4. She was the first to wish me a very happy 22nd birthday. She beat my own mother to that. Damn.

3. She does all her HTML coding in notepad.

2. She uses an alias on the Internet.

and the #1 reason Zoe is cool...

1. Her alias is 'Zoe'.


  1. Thank you!Thank you! I am so happy to be here! *curtsy*

  2. Ya know... you're pretty good at that! :)


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