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Okay, I have to post my two-cents on this. I'm pretty conflicted here...I've always liked his early work, and even some of his recent, well only as recent as the "Scream" album, but I have been a pretty big detractor of his personal life, look, whatnot. I never realized how bad I have treated him, well treated meaning talking about him, not like I've met him! That would be cool, even tho he is a bit ecentric.

Anyway, I was FLAT OUT APPALLED at the so-called "documentary" on ABC last night. That British journalist was taken into his home, and he just turns around and exploits MJ. I'm sure MJ thought that it was just a documentary that would be in a few art house movie theaters, and not aired on national tv! And who's to say that MJ's words weren't skewed in the editing suite? How do we really know that's how MJ is?

Does he really sleep with children? He never really said that! He said he made them milk and cookies and read stories to them! Since when is that a crime? Sure, they're not his kids, but listen people, HE'S NOT KIDNAPPING KIDS! Those kids are there because their parents trust MJ. Say that's bad parenting all you want, that's your perogative, but I don't understand the big deal with being nice to kids.

It all stems from his horrible childhood, or lack-there-of. He was used by his father for profit, and never really had those sleepovers and other fun things that kids get to do. It was all eat, sleep, and drink dancing & singing practice. I think mentally, he stopped growing at age 12, hence why he is so shy about sexual relations. I was shocked when he told the story about Tatum O'Neal. It's clear that MJ has gotten a raw deal. And don't go saying, "Oh he's a billionaire, that's not a raw deal!" Money doesn't equal happiness, so that response is 0% valid.

The only area of the interview that I didn't believe him or care for, would be the part about the plastic surgery. Sorry Mike, you've had more than 2 surguries on your face! But I thought he made a great point when he said "Thousands of white children lay out in the sun to be darker, but nobody has a problem with that". MJ may be weird, but he certainly has a point.

To get back to the bed thing...what's wrong with that? He just has an affection for children, it's not sexual, and not out of control either. He doesn't come to these kids, they come to him (with parental consent, mind you), so what exactly is the big deal? I think it is incredibily IMMATURE to always link love and sex. Sorry, you CAN have one without the other. That's a fact.

It's just totally sickening to me that ABC has been so in need for ratings that they need to resort to playground gossip, instead of the quality programming that they once used to air. It's comical to hear these fools pander on and on about how sharing a bed with a child that is not yours INSTANTLY means you have sex with children. If that's there vision of love, then they are fucking blind.

I'm out...rack me


  1. I totally agree with your points. Everyone is all like "Michael admits to sleeping with kids!" when in fact, he's been taken out of context. Michael is very innocent and child-like himself. He's not thinking anything sexual when having these children around.
    I think MJ says it best (when asked about that horrid lawyer who seems to be out to get him) "She can go to Hell!"

  2. Yeah man. I found this quote by Kit Culkin (mac and kieran's father) about the situation:

    "... people should remember how to be children and stop being dirty minded adults."

  3. You really do not have anything to do or Michael Jackson must of put one up your ass as well. OKKKKAY

  4. You really do not have anything to do or Michael Jackson must of put one up your ass as well. OKKKKAY

  5. wow, that's very mature of you.

  6. Think about it this way...I have two dogs...sometimes they sleep in my bed...guess by the media's logic, I'm a sicko who's into beastiality, right? It's not sexual, my dogs just like to sleep with me.

    What's wrong if you replace 'dogs' with 'kids'? It still wouldn't be sexual.

    People need to grow up.

  7. I wonder sometimes that if Michelle told who molested him when he was a child and made him how he is today..When there be a controversal big time..I guess people really don't want to know the truth and the truth will never come out.Money rules here in the United States. That is why we are in conflict with Holy countries now..If he is good to children so be it but if there is harm.Mike then. You need help..It is not your fault... fan

  8. Help! I'm trawling the web in search of anyone who can get me a copy of Martin Bashir's interview with Michael Jackson from February 2003. I need this video! I'll pay good money for it.

    Simon Ackerman, Bournemouth, U.K.
    Tel 07763202176


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