Wednesday, February 26, 2003


I cannot think of something to blog about and having had a long entry in a couple of days now, so I feel I owe you all a good entry...I am just gonna tell you whatever comes to my mind...

God, this is hard. I really can't think of something...I'm fucking braindead right now. Um, the Redskins cut their best running, Stephen Davis...stupid salary celery cap. I wish Davis the best, unless he becomes a Dallas Cowboy. That will suck. Watch him run all over the skins then. Haha.

Some guy emailed me (posted his email in my forums) and he said he wanted me to join his cam portal...I did, but some of the people who joined are a little fucking weird. Oh well, I did it to drive new people to my site, get some fresh faces around here...not saying my current blog readers are dull and boring, but you know.

Duke sucks.

I just turned on the tv a few minutes ago and Bruce Willis is hosting The Late Show, gee, with Paul Schafer, it's just two bald men talking. What fun. Joy. Kidding, Bruce is pretty funny.

I'll never understand Mother Nature. One week she makes it snow over 2 feet, then next she drops 3 inches of rain on us, now she is giving us 6-12 inches of snow tomorrow afternoon thru friday morning. She's been a real prick this winter. What crawled up her ass?

My orioles site is comin along. Membership is still small, but it's the offseason, and I think once the season starts, it'll grow exponentially, being as it is the best orioles fan site ever concieved.

My female dog just walked in my room and sat down behind my chair. I just took her out, she better not want to go out. Great, now she is licking my leg and whimpering. She's barking now.

Just got back from taking the dogs out...again...the snow is really solid...there's like an inch and a half of powder on top of about 7 inches of packed ice, it's weird walking on it, I feel taller. I'm weird.

I'm also tired, so I'm gonna stop now and go to bed...well watch the discovery channel / TLC for an hour, hopefully there's a good special on ghosts or shit, then go to bed. What? Those channels rule. Shut up.

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