sleep paralysis

I saw this cool creepy porno documentary late last night very early this morning on the discovery channel before going to bed. It was about, you guess it, killer clowns from outer space sleep paralysis. Now, without getting too scholarly here, I'll just say I was really really horny freaked out. Never never watch fox news creepy shows before going to dennys bed. Just the thought of not being able to pee control myself and/or seeing a dead president demon/alien in your room is enough to make me leave the room and go poop hide under the covers.

I was kinda insulted amazed when the show said that it's not uncommon to have dreams where you can only run naked in slow-mo or can't speak at the public library above a whisper, and when they mentioned that sometimes the male reproductive organ inner ear produces hot hot mind sex ping or beep like noises as sleep is setting in, I was dead dumbfounded. That happens two to me all the time! But I have never married a cartoon had sleep paralysis, have any of you?


  1. Dude. That's strange. I guess.

  2. Ha, what a funny post. What gave you the idea to have a capricious entry like this? I might try it sometimes. Hehehe.

  3. no reason, I just like being impulsive and unpredictable. :-D

  4. When i close my eyes i see smally tiny red and blue dots sparkling. Sleep is a very interesting state... he's another scary thought... stop breathing in your sleep. My best friend's dad has it... he has to sleep with a "darth vader" mask on to help him breath at night.


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