Two Big Rants-- money related

1. Why do I get taxed twice on the same money? I have had mutual funds my entire life, for college, but I haven't used any of them...except last semester I took some money out of one, but just a little bit. Now I pay taxes on the dividends I earn on those funds, okay, I'm fine with that, but if I transfer those funds to my checking or savings accound, I also owe taxes on that amount of money, not just the interest that money earns me. It feels like the federal government likes fucking it's citizens up the ass twice. Once is enough. (Wait...what did I say?) Seriously, I have no problem with taxes, but when I pay taxes twice on the same money, I get pissed.

2. Banks not cashing checks right away. Is this even necessary? Why can't checks be cashed IMMEDIATELY? It's all electronic, they have no excuse. They're hanging on to some rule that existed before electronic banking, way back in the 40s or something, when checks had to be mailed to be cashed. But in today's day and age, it is NOT necessary. Cash them right away you old skool bastards. Don't hold on to my money. Geez...

I did sign up for direct deposit recently at work, but that takes 2-3 pay periods to process...again why? It's electronic! It should be instantaneous!


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