Almost went to a great show last night

Well, technically, I did go. The thing is that nobody else was there and I had to prevent Liz from committing public urination and flashing truckers.

So Lily, Liz, and I leave Reisterstown at about 5PM yesterday and head down I-95 South to go to the Nissan Pavilion, to see Unwritten Law, Papa Roach, and 311. Or so we thought.

First thing to go wrong is that we're using Mapquest for directions. Not just the usual internet print-out kind, the CELL PHONE kind. Mapquest ingeniously directs us into downtown Washington. We got a great view of the Washington Monument, Capital Building, and the Smithsonian... but no Nissan. :-( We eventually stop at a Quality Inn to ask for some directions, which were pretty good, so it's not just a name.

Those quality directions tell us we have to get on I-66 west to exit 43b, which is about 50 minutes away! Unwritten Law goes on at 6:30! It's already 6:30! Lily flips a bitch, "I'm missing Unwritten Law!"

But we get there, at about 7:45, to an EMPTY parking lot. We think it's because we're in the wrong parking lot, but as Liz was getting the tickets out to give to us, she notices a not-so-minor detail: the tickets say Friday, August 26th, not Thursday, August 25th, which is what the lady at Ticketmaster told her over the phone.

Oy. Vey.

We decide to just make the most of it. We take the scenic route halfway back-- we use US-29, which turns out, is the same Route 29 we have up here in MD, it just gets a little mind boggled in DC, which is why we only took it halfway back.

We take Route 29 north into Fairfax, Va and stop at a Hooters and give the waitress a 47% tip! You know, like ya do! (Liz and I split the check and each paid $13.51, and we both deciced to tip $6.49 to make it an even $20.) So don't say I never do anything for the people.

Route 29 ends somewhere in Northern Va or DC. I don't know, I got confused and wound up on 113 or something and driving straight into the Pentagon parking lot and greeted by like 8 cops. They were actually quite helpful giving us directions to Route 66, even though we changed our minds and took 395 to 50 West to 295. Oh well.

Why do all the eventful roadtrips start out so innocently? I mean, I try to go to the simpliest of places, and it turns into a thrill ride! Okay, perhaps relying on Mapquest's directions wasn't the brightest of ideas, but how do you explain not getting the date right? Are you not supposed to rely on the lady at ticketmaster? I guess you just have to look at your tickets, but that involves taking them out of that envelope ticketmaster delivers them in, and that's a purty envelope, I don't want to mess that thing up!

Well I gotta go do it for real this time.


  1. i see you were stomping around in my territory... welcome to the jungle!

  2. Yeah and you could have been up here the other day at our Pavilion (Merriweather) to see Green Day... Then you could be like bragging about how you went and I didn't.


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