Just Married

The title says "Just Married" but it really should be "The Honeymoon from Hell", as the story is about newly weds Tom (Ashton Kutcher) and Sarah (Brittany Murphy) and they're disasterous honeymoon in Europe, they're brief seperation, then they fall back in love and go out for ice cream. All that's true...except for the ice cream part.

As soon as I saw the preview I knew I wanted to see this. Why? BRITTANY MURPHY!!! She's hotter than hell, and she can act, to boot. Whoa, what a concept! Put aside the fact that the most humorous person from "That 70s Show" is in this (no not Danny Masterson, the really tall guy) film, just having Brittany in it is worth the price of a ticket and some snacks!

Director Shawn Levy (any relation to Eugene?) looks to have a hit with this, at least better than that garbage flick he did last-- with malcolm in the middle in it. He tries to be cool by not having the plot in order. First we see the the beginning of the end, then we see the beginning and middle, then it takes off at present day. Not too original, it's just a flashback vehicle.

Ooooh speaking of vehicles, there's a hysterical scene involving a Daimler-Chrysler Smart. I won't say anything more about it. It's hilarious. In fact, there's a lot of really funny parts, as Ashton Kutcher is about 3 milimeters from being a celebrity celebrity (not a typo), it's amazing. He's by far the funniest on that 70s show and is great in this...

I only wish that the plot was better. I mean c'mon, writers are always saying how they want ownership of a film and that directors shouldn't have that. I say to that: BOLOGNA! I'm sorry, if a writer wants full ownership, then write a novel, or direct the film yourself, ala Kevin Smith. Movies are not just scripts. The director gets the "A Film By" credit because s/he oversees the ENTIRE production, as soon as s/he is hired by the producer/studio. Directing is not just telling actors how to act. *steps off soapbox*

Wait, I gotta get back on the soapbox. During the entire showing and before it started, there were a group of 3 teenage boys, probably 14-16 or something, just making obscene comments and verbally harrasing people coming in to find seats, some being kids. What. The. F@#$@#K. Somebody explain to me why it's good that I didn't hit them? Anybody, anybody? Bueller, Bueller? *steps off soapbox for real*

In other words, this a pretty funny movie, that'll sure get a lot of laughs from the 8-28 male demographic. Maybe it's more like 8-20, but hey, I'm 22, and I liked the humor! Ashton Kutcher is hilarious and Brittany Murhpy is HOT! 'Nuff said.


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