Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Dreams are Weird

I had the strangest dream last night, well at least the one I can remember. There was this lake and you could go to it, the lake people would put this thing on your tires and you could drive around in the lake. But it wasn't a real lake. It as a flooded street inside a building and there was a scientist doing experiements in this sectioned off part of the lake/street. Around the edges were concrete the water was shallow because the lake people were low on funds and could only flood so much of the street. I remember being worried for my dogs because were running up and down the flooded street (don't ask) by themselves and would not stop. I thinl it was supposed to be an amusement park because we rode right back to where we started, and then another car went in the lake.

God, I can't believe I remember so much. Any clue was this dream means?

Oh, Igby Goes Down is NOT playing near me, so I'm not going to the movies today. :(

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