Rules of Attraction

Like brother, like brother...boy oh boy, the Batemans sure are one fucked up bunch. Yes, if you are unaware, "Rules of Attraction" is based on a novel by Brett Easton Ellis, who also wrote the novel that "American Psycho" is based on. 'Pyscho has Patrick, and 'Rules has Sean, Bateman. Okay, time for the review.

Where should I start? I guess I'll start with the bad reviews this movie has been getting. Most of those reviews say the characters seem shallow, selfish, and greedy, and that the film lacks a plot. Hello. Did you not understand the 80's, or were you born in the 90's? The 80's was about all that, the characters in "Amercian Psycho" were about all that, being shallow, selfish, and greedy. Sure, 'Psycho had more of a critic-friendly plot, but 'Rules has a plot too.

It's just not like any other plot, in fact, if you have ADHD or just weren't paying attention, then you probably would say it doesn't have one. But it does. It portrays Ivy League college life briillantly. Okay, I never went to one of those schools, so I don't really know, but the reason I am saying this is because the characters were believable. If the characters are all believeable then the plot and setting is too. I guess if you want, you could just call it the "anti-plot", but it still works, no matter what you call it.

Let's "rock and roll", as Sean Bateman put it, to the acting. James Van Der Beek is brillant as the pseudo-rich kid at college. Is Ian Somerhalder gay in real life? He sure portrayed his character well. There's Jessica Biel, "Blue Crush"'s Kate Bosworth, and the lovly Shannyn Sossamon. There's three cameo's: a wonder boy, Bonnie Parker, and a guy named Lance. Can you guess them? Kip Pardue ("Remember the Titans"), has a wonderful 5-10 minutes of fast paced Europe touring, which is gonna be a docudrama because Roger Avary got over 70 hours of footage for a spot in the film that is only at most 10 minutes. Let's just say I am on pins & needles. Overall, the acting was pretty good. Russel Sams has a hilarious scene with Swusi Kurtz, but Clifton Collins Jr seems to be a little over the top as Rupert Guest, the drug dealer. I don't know. I don't know any drug dealers.

Did you remember the connection between this movie and "American Psycho" or are you one of those ADHD critics who weren't paying attention? Okay, that was wrong, and I apologize. Anyway, there are two references to "American Psycho", I won't mention them, you should go see the movie. I just wish there were more, maybe throw in another cameo. Christian Bale! That would have been sweet.

Do I recomment this film? Not if you have ADHD. Okay, I will stop that. You shouldn't see this film if you are offended by lots and lots of sex, both hetero and homo. That probably turned off a lot of you right there, but if it didn't I applaud you. Movies can be graphically violent and be rated R, whereas a movie about sex get's a NC-17 rating at first. Murder is worse than sex, hell sex isn't bad at all.

I have been following the making of this film at Roger Avary's online journal since Early-May, and I want the DVD. What was cut out? Ooooh let's just say I am on pins & needles.

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I am watching Americcan Psycho and I just remembered that Patrick Bateman likes to make porn movies and this guy at party in the beginning of the movie makes a film of Shannyn's character getting raped. I looked at IMDB and there is a character named patrick bateman in Rules of Attraction.


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