Reading Fortunes, in bed.

A sense of humor is one of our greatest assests, in bed.
It's time you asked that special someone out on a date, in bed.
Relax and enjoy yourself, in bed.
A good home is happiness, in bed.
There is no wisdom greater than kindness, in bed.
You have a curious smile and a mysterious nature, in bed.
Your family is one of nature's masterpieces, in bed. (my personal favorite)
The greatest danger could be your stupidity, in bed. (okay this is my fav)
You love chinese food, in bed.
You will recieve a fortune (cookie), in bed.
Buy many dream boxes. Ask a friend to select one, in bed.
Trust your intuition, the universe is guiding your life, in bed.
You long to see the great pyramids in Egypt, in bed.
Everything is not yet lost, in bed.
Someone will invite you to a Kareoke party, in bed.
Don't forget, you're always on our minds, in bed.
You are filled with life's most precious treaser...hope, in bed!
Don't Behave with Cold Manners, in bed.
What you left behind it more mellow than wine, in bed.
Help! I am being held prisoner in a Chinese bakery, in bed.
Our first and last love is self-love, in bed. (thank you, captain obvious!)
You have an unusual equipment for success, use it properly, in bed.
Suppose you can get what you want, in bed.

Well, I will update this whenever I eat Chinese food and get a fortune, in bed! Yes, some of those are mine, well I stole them from a work last night-- they ordered chinese, kinda amusing considering they practice chinese acupuncture, in bed...haha-- but I promise, when I eat the Pu-Pu Plater, Dan-Dan Noodles or I-I-Can't Name Any More Chinese Foods, I will update this entry, in bed. Because I want babies with each and everyone of you, in bed. Yes, help me spread my seed! Okay, eww. Haha.


  1. it would be even more amusing if they practiced acupressure, in bed.


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