Friday, June 4, 2004

Ender's Game

My friend Alex read this book recently and now I'm reading it, and it's fucking awesome, and it's going to be a fucking awesome movie in 2006, directed by Wolfgang Peterson.

I'm only up to the fifth chapter (just started yesterday), but it's clear that The Matrix is not so original afterall. *rollseyes*


  1. Ender's Game is the best in the series.

    Anyway, you should come with my coolguy club to see John (Freedomtickler) play. It'd be a hell of a lot better than catching up on ancient sci-fi that most people read when they were 13 and were too fat/pimpley/ugly to date. :P

    Also, your tables are fucked up on this page. Remedy this.

  2. I'm not sure how you drew parallels from The Matrix to Ender's Game. Yes, the government is controlling and somewhat shady, but no one is "jacked in." The Matrix still isn't an original idea, though. Most of it is based off of Descartes' writings.

  3. It's only like the matrix in that Ender is referred to as "the one", like Neo was.

    Harry Potter, in that it's about kids at some school.

    Both are loose comparisons, I'll concede that.