Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Night on the Town

Tonight was eventful. Julia and I went down to downtown Baltimore to Fletcher's bar, where the band, Matt Nathanson was playing, and John aka "freedomtickler" is their bassist..and also an active member of my online forums. So yeah, I have now met 3 people off the dang ol' internet. 4, if I ever take a roadtrip to Blacksburg, Va, hehe. Kevin, this should happen soon. :-)

Anyhoo, the music was awesome. The bar was hot as hell, shit, fuck, younameit. I was sweating bullets. Seriously. But it was fun.

Now, here's where it got interesting. Julia calls her boyfriend Josh so he can come down and chill with us, we walk back to the parking garage to my car, only to find that it's locked. Yup, it was closed. Luckily some other people had the same predicament, and they called the garage people (haha, garage people) and they let us in and then let us out with our cars.

So...we decide to go get coffee at some place in Laurel. Julia and Josh drive off and John's in my car. I got lost trying to get out of downtown. It's like a fucking maze. It was bad. I even drove the wrong way down a one-way street, that was very exciting! It was such a blast. Around this time, we called Josh's cell phone and decided it was too late (it was already like 1:20am) to hang out, so I just drove John back to his hotel. Which I thought would have been a problem, but it wasn't. It was just a little ways down 295 South.

I dropped him off, then went home, and here I am talking to you. I'm so fucking tired right now, this entry probably makes no sense, but who the fuck cares.


  1. Just make sure you road trip to blacksburg during the school year, so you can meet me too.

  2. You know that band had a spot on American Wedding, right?

    Hmm, playing at a bar. Doesn't seem right.

  3. Yeah, I'm aware of that, pretty cool. Fletcher's did seem pretty small for them.