I found my teddy

Remember that Simpsons episode where maggie finds an old teddy bear and it turns out thats it belongs to Mr. Burns and he turns all soft when he gets his teddy back? Well I just found my old teddy bear while putting stuff away in the attac, and it was up there. I wanna know who put it up there. That's teddy abuse. Today is connect with your inner child day. I just made that up. But remember that. August 25th is now 'Connect with your Inner Child Day'.


  1. I'll have to keep that in mind for next year. Maybe next year we'll be so lucky as to have it on a school days an I can take the day off.

  2. i want to see teddy on the bozzycam!

  3. Darn. And 37 minutes into August 26th, I realize I missed 'Connect with your Inner Child Day'.
    It's the phone lines out here in BFE. It messed up my internet access and I didn't get to come back and read my daily reads until now. Stupid dial-up..I missed 'Connect with your Inner Child Day'....*pout*


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