Nouns that Suck

In lieu of Wil's latest entry, I'm gonna post the nouns that suck (people/places/things, duh).

Best Buy sucks. God, there service is awful. The make you buy DVDs you don't want to, just so you can buy the one you do want to buy. Why must they package DVDs together???? Don't shop here.

Microsoft sucks. Those who think Bill Gates is some genius who started from the bottom and worked his way to the top are morons. He never started from the bottom. He was born wealthy, hence why he went to an Ivy League school. It's also humorous how Microsoft likes to talk about inventing new computing tools and what not. They never invented anything. They stole every idea from someone else. Steve Jobs came up with the Mouse, for example.

John Asscroft can kiss my ass. His logic is so fucked up, he doesn't even realize it. What a loser.

President-Select Bush. Okay, this guy is just dumb. And if anybody votes to re-elect (actually thats just elect) this moron, is one. I'm sorry, but it's true.

CD-R's. Who invented these things? Well it wasn't Microsoft, that's for sure. Why is it a trial and error thing with these? Can't they make them so they work for all CD-RW drives? Geez, it's just common sense, folks.

Well I'm sure there's more, but I don't feel like typing anymore. Remember to watch The Screen Savers tonight. Wil's gonna be on!


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