Danger Mouse

He's The Best
He's The Greatest
He's The Greatest Secret Agent In The World!
He's The Ace - He's Amazing...
He's the Strongest... He's The Quickest.... He's The Best!

Does anyone remember this old Nickelodeon show? I loved that show. That show and He-Man were fuckin A, man.

And if you don't know WTF I am talking about, go here.

And check out 80's Children Dot Com. That site also mentions my third fav cartoon: Thundercats! And my 4th fav: the Smurfs!


I gotta make a skin featuring Danger Mouse! Or a movie! I may do something like that for one of my video projects, since I won't have to worry about copyright infringment as it's for school.


My parents did this funny thing that involved Danger Mouse. The said name was to be said if I or my younger brother started gaging or choking. If we said "Danger Mouse" than we obviously weren't choking! It's funny, most households would probably use Mickey Mouse for that, but not mine, we like the Danger variety. :)


  1. it makes me sad to think that someone might not know who dangermouse is. ::weep::
    wasn't it actually a british cartoon that nickelodeon aired? hmm...

  2. but although I can hear music to set them airfare to, it's nothing solid, or it isn't fully credit card Right. That's weird for me


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