Rebuild WTC!

Rebuild them bigger and better! Much bigger! I say make a circlular building that is 3 times the height as the two towers were and then there is no need for buildings 3-7. There would be walkways every 20 floors or so that would go from one side to the other, and when looked at from space (or a plane) they would resemble the letter 'A' for America.

Can you picture that? Just think of a circle with an A in it and the three points of the A are touching the circle. I think it'd be cool. What about you?

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  1. i really think that NYC should build one new tower double the size and three times the height.
    then for extra security, have rockts on the roof if by any chance there was another terrorist attack.
    NYC should start to rebuild to whole city with all the buildings much higher and wider, and encourage more people to live work and play there.


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